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Well...we asked for it.

18 Jul 2011
38°C / 101°F

I don’t think the request was for 90+ degrees but we wanted summer. By gosh we got it!
Watered most of the evening yesterday. Cucumbers were looking particularly droopy even though I’ve been trying to be diligent at giving them a drink every day. Our 100 degree days just haven’t been kind to them. This morning everybody looked like they had breathed a collective “ahhhh”. I picked three cucumbers, three squash and four more yellow pear tomatoes. All the melons have set fruit and I’m waiting on only one more tomato plant to start tomatoes. I picked one ripe tomato off of a Celebrity but it had blossom end rot :P I’ve harvested a bit of okra though not enough to make pickles yet. I’m sure they will pick up production soon.
The yellow onion sets have been weeded out completely and they look much happier. Now I just have about 1/4 of the garden to clear, then lay down newspaper and finally mulch with grass clippings. The clippings along won’t stop the bindweed from poking through. The newspaper method has worked great on my peppers though. It’s hard to get motivated to do anything with a heat index of 122 besides pulling a few weeds here and there and checking progress. I still need to clear out the two pea rows which will give the banana melons more stretch room
The sunflowers are looking lovely :)
And I found waaaay too many potato bugs…

1- cracked from drought
2- sunflower with a happy bee
3-5 – potato bugs at various stages

Think it’s time for another video ;)



Geez, and I thought the heat here was bad! Stay cool.
Last year I experienced blossom end rot for the first time. I called into a radio gardening show to speak to their gardening expert about it and she said that the tomatoes are still edible, just cut off the ugly end. I did this, but these tomatoes were for making sauce, not slicers. The sauce turned out awesome.
Maybe you could take advantage of the heat and rig up a bunch of magnifying glasses to fry those pesky potato bugs!

Posted on 19 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

I’ll keep that in mind if I get any more. I thought I did a good job planting them with manure in the bottom of the hole and good compost a couple inches below the root ball but I guess I should have put more eggshells in there! Ah well lesson for next year.

Posted on 19 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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