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Kitchen Garden Harvest

18 Jul 2011
34°C / 94°F

I have been steadily picking bits of herb to cook with – basils, thyme, parsley, sage. Today I picked a big bunch of Italian and fine-leaf basil and made the first pint of pesto. This one went in a jar in the frige to be used right away. Future batches will get frozen in ice-cube trays for freezer storage.

I am very happy with the Thai basil – I throw it into all sorts of asian things. Been making stir-fry with chopped broccoli and brussels sprouts, leftover chicken, with combined hoisin, soy and sriracha sauces.

I have been cutting heads of romaine and using it to extend store-bought romaine. It grows back! I didn’t expect the regrowth – bonus. And it has not yet bolted. I will plant Parris Island Cos again.

I have also harvested zucchini for grilling and zuke bread. Several batches of chard for risotto and quiche. The first few ground cherries came in – they taste like sweet tomatoes. I am saving them in the fridge to make jam or some other condiment.

A few tiny Super chilies – but they are not getting watered way out there in the front yard. I will not do that again. The stuff that need water has to be close-in to get enough attention when I am rushed.



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