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14 Jul 2011
28°C / 82°F

I think July marks a sort of seasonal change. The weather switched from nice to unbearable. We found a guy who wanted our pump organ so it’s gone, so we moved the coffee trees from the dining room to where it used to be. The’ll probably move back in the fall. Then we put air conditioning where the coffee trees used to be and put in curtains to shut off the kitchen from the dining room so we’d have a smaller area to cool and will probably just camp out in the living room until the end of August.

The garden is transitioning from all salads all the time to thinking about fruit. Tomatoes, eggplant, and longbeans are all small but showing their first flowers. The garlic is basically done, which doesn’t mesh well with my massive deadline tomorrow. I pretty much have to neglect everything until it’s over. I did pull up most of the Spanish Roja the other day because it was beyond due. One of the heads had completely de-papered and was just loose cloves in the dirt. But I’m gambling that the rest of it will hold until Friday night. Even so, in the heat it will probably take me several days to actually harvest it all. I find with the heat I’m exhausted all the time so I don’t want to overdo it. I’m trying to keep garlic varieties separate this year so I think I’ll collect them one variety at a time.

We’ve still got quite a lot of lettuce. All of it is bolting but none of it is milky and bitter yet. It’s at the point where it’s bizarre. The extreme case is a romaine that is now as tall as me but still not milky or bitter. The rest is 1-2 feet tall but mostly in really full, leafy pillars. Usually when it bolts it gets leggy. I’m not sure what to make of that. I suspect bitterness & milkiness come from temperature instead of the act of bolting, since until this point we’ve had a bizarrely pleasant summer. So it likely won’t last with the heat. I’m letting all the nice, full heads go to seed in hopes of getting a less-work reseeding greens system going in the zokalo. And hopefully the salad greens stay good long enough for us to have salads until some fruits show up.




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