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Holiday weekend

03 Jul 2011
Sunny 31°C / 87°F

It was hot – really hot and humid. And the days got hot really quick. We worked a bit in the yard, but couldn’t stay outside for too long.

We did manage to tidy up the roses on the arbor gate. You couldn’t walk through without getting attacked before. Looks much better now.

I also cleaned out a few feet length along the fence where the roses are, maybe about a third of the full length. This area was full of creeping charlie and other weedy things that were threatening to overtake the rose bushes. Last spring, I had put down landscaper’s cloth covered with wood chip mulch, but the creep managed to still take root. It pulls out easily enough but there is tons of it!

I also decided to pull out quite a bit of the perennial sweet pea which was also threatening to choke the butterfly bush and balloon flowers in the BBB. I love the flowers of Sweet Peas, but this perennial one has none of the fragrance of the annual vines and really is not meant for a small space. I didn’t take it all out, so we’ll see how bad it is by the end of the summer.

And just to get the milestones and photos posted, here are some of the flowers blooming this weekend.




Gorgeous array of flowers! I’ve never seen a Telekia, it’s quite interesting.

Posted on 13 Jul 11 (about 8 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States6b

@flowerweaver – The Telekia is really quite nice. I saw it somewhere, and decided I wanted to have one, but couldn’t find it anywhere local. So this one was grown by wintersowing in 2009. It has bloomed for the first time this year. The flowers are large about 5 inches diameter, quite a few in a cluster and the whole plant is tall – 4-5 feet. I think it looks cool!

Posted on 13 Jul 11 (about 8 years ago)

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