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It's snowing in New Jersey.

12 Jul 2011
Blizzard 32°C / 89°F

OK, not really. Just in my mind. You see, it’s mid-July, and this is about the time of year when I get utterly sick of Summer. Well, usually it’s sometime in August, when the heat, humidity, and plant diseases finally get to me, but this year things have come to a head earlier. Yup, I am thoroughly disgusted with the weather, the garden’s performance, the harvest (or lack thereof).

So, it is with pleasure that I reach for the Winter Harvest Handbook, and my seed stash. I am about to pull out the non-performing veg, and replace them with my Fall/Winter garden. All the while, I am dreaming of blizzards, and of harvesting carrots and Winter greens from the cold frame buried under a snowdrift.




I am not giving up on it yet! I love the warmth as it just makes me happy. But after today… I will think twice with the bugs I found.

Posted on 12 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

@Fhaith – Part of the problem is that I am most deffinitely NOT a Summer person. So it doesn’t take all that much to turn me off. :)

Posted on 12 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

I can second the not being a summer person. As we top 100 degrees, I too pull out my seed stash and start planning for the fall and winter crops!

Posted on 13 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Pulling out the non performers in my garden too! More of them than I’d expected.

Grateful that this garden is diversified. Been harvesting decent amounts of heat loving things such as eggplants, chard, basil and other herbs, okra, beans, tomatoes.
Summer definitely isnt my favorite season tho!

Am prone to heat stroke. when Summer daytime temps get higher than 83F outside, i become a nocturnal gardener.
Then, later in the Summer, if temps get so hi that the night temps are around 82F also, I usually decide I need a sanity break from the garden. So I turn my focus elsewhere (inside the house), and start sowing my Fall crops in the AC. :)

Posted on 14 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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