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Irasshai....WELCOME to my garden. A Japanese garden touch from Tokyo

07 Jul 2011
23°C / 73°F

Today I finally got to the point in the garden where I felt it was time to unfold my beautiful “Noren” I purchased in Tokyo and put her in her rightful place at the front garden entrance!

Noren are those Japanese curtains, usually split down the middle that you see in Japanese restaurants worldwide. Indoors they provide some privacy and keep dust out, but outdoors I thought they deserve a place to flutter in the breeze and give a grande entrance to a garden bed

The arbor this Noren is on is only temporary as this fall we will make an entrance in the same style as the structure you see behind our garage which was just finished today. 4×4′s in treated lumber , painted matte black

The first photo is of the curtain from the front. The other is viewed from the backside. This is silkscreened and made of polyester and linen. I used tent canvas weatherproofing with UV protectant to help this artwork last for years outdoors

The rose is a climbing IMPRESSIONIST from Heirloom roses in Oregon




Really cool.

Posted on 08 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Thanks!! Its fun in the evening because I’m finding it is backlit and glows like a stained glass window!

Posted on 10 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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