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Mirror Mirror on the decor brings the indoors , out

05 Jul 2011
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If I had the chance to do nothing but fixing up outdoor spaces it would fulfill a lifelong dream!! There is nothing better than being outdoors AND being creative at the same time.

Incorporating the house, garden and “exterior decorating” to bring the indoors “out” probably grew from my living in smaller homes (by choice) a good part of my adult life. When the house is small, expanding into the great outdoors just comes with the territory

If you have a moment , come by my blog and see more examples of how I have incorporated mirrors into the garden to expand my space and provide lots of additional movement in the yard



Ooooh! I love the mirrors on the side of the house. That’s incredibly cool! I also love how dramatic the black trim makes everything.

Posted on 06 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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