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04 Jul 2011
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A little while ago (a month, perhaps) Diggers had a special on strawberry plants – up to 50% off. Great news! I wanted some strawberries, and I had the perfect spot for them. I just had to get it ready.

And then I forgot all about them.

They arrived in the post yesterday. And there’s only one problem. While I had the perfect spot earmarked for them, it wasn’t an empty spot. At the time I chose it, the bed was full of irises, waiting to be shifted out onto the verge. And it’s still full of them. Of course, when I say irises I mean soursobs, but if you look hard enough at the photo there are some irises in there too. Honest!

So it looks like I’ve got a bit of work to do! In the mean time, thankfully I didn’t buy as many pansies as I meant to, so I have a couple of spare pots where the strawberries can live until their new home is ready.



Must be a matter of perspective. When i look at the pic i see a lot of healthy irises- not a bunch of soursobs with some irises mixed in.

A glass half empty or half full kind of thing :)

Posted on 05 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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