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Pumpkin harvest

03 Jul 2011
14°C / 57°F

A few weeks ago I finally had the great pleasure of ripping out all the pumpkin plants in the vegetable garden. Oh it was wonderful to see that dark bed of evil revitalised, cleansed even, free at last of the pumpkin!

Once the work was complete we were left with seven pumpkins. Which begged the question: what on earth were we going to do with them all? I wanted to carry them up somewhere high and drop them on the ground. I didn’t get my way. My wife roasted the first and claimed it tasted nice. I didn’t believe her. But that still left us with 6 to get rid of. The bloke who cuts our lawns took one. We gave one to my wife’s parents who made soup, another went to my mum and one to my brother. So we are currently stuck with two. Either my wife had better start cooking them up, or I’m going to drop them from a great height.



It’s a good harvest! if one (as me) loves pumpkin, could cook soup, pasta, gnocchi, cakes… or freeze it. What about this tasty appetizer, called tershi?

Posted on 04 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Thanks for the recipe, Cristina, I’ll pass it on to me wife.

Posted on 04 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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