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03 Jul 2011
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I purchased this Rosemary plant back in May and couldn’t decide where to plant it. It is a creeping variety and I wanted to space it far enough away from my creeping thymes so that we didn’t end up with a potential conflict. But the far end of my herb garden somehow got planted up with onions. (Sometimes I plan things out and sometimes I have plants in my hand and I go for the closest available bare spot. This causes issues.) Anyway, we finally ate our way through enough onions that there was room to plant this baby. I just hope it doesn’t die of heat stroke after being babied in my kitchen window for the past two months.




Better water it in super deeply, mulch the heck out of it, and give it some shade cloth during the brightest midday hours (noon thru 3PM) for at least 4 days- Otherwise it likely WILL die of heat stroke plus theres BIG chance o sunscald due to lack of hardening off

Posted on 03 Jul 11 (almost 7 years ago)

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