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It tastes of victory!

03 Jul 2011
Rainy 24°C / 75°F

First little tomato harvested today. Just popped right off in my hand and I shared it with Ian. It was pretty good. That’s his hand in the photo by the way.

Put some gift cards/vouchers to good use today and came home with some insecticidal soap, vermiculite, a couple new pots, some pebbles, seaweed concentrate, a spray bottle, many packets of seeds, lemon thyme, chocolate mint, and a half a dozen tiny houseplants.

Have already broken out the spray bottle because the stupid aphid infestation has started the evil powdery mildew cycle that I am never able to defeat. So I’ll hit it up with milk every couple days and as unhappy as I am with the prospect I will hit it with the insecticide too. I actually hit a couple other things with milk while I was getting the squash because I suspect that it could take down the dahlias, fuchsias and rudbeckia too.

Now I shall have rum bananas on ice cream which, as it happens, also taste like victory.



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