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We are trying a new method!

02 Jul 2011
31°C / 88°F

My little square foot boxes are growing and growing. The peppers seemed a little droopy so I stopped watering them as much as the tomatoes next to them. The tomatoes are producing lots of flowers and fruits. I am considering trimming all the non-producing stems off as I saw someone on you tube do but am not in a huge hurry to do that. The broccoli is huge but has been eaten by something and hasn’t produced the middle part yet so I am considering giving up on that until fall as it is too hot out for broccoli and lettuce now. My lettuces aren’t bolting yet in 100 degree weather! That surprises me. I think the green salad bowl lettuce is trying to bolt but the other lettuces knock on wood seem to be handling the heat. They are not growing huge either though and they are heavily shaded to the south by the tomatoes. I have corn that is as tall as me in my boxes. DH thinks they will be falling over soon as there is so little soil to support the “incredible corn” We’ll see. I got bored with just watering and the little weeding I do last week and got out and planted my potatoes and some more melons which are popping up now.

But for the new method I learned of… a much cheaper albeit short term method than the square foot boxes… is using compost bags as my boxes and planting directly in compost bags. I decided to try this for pumpkin, watermelon (big and small) and cantelope. I just planted these last night and watered them so we’ll see how that works out. It cost 1.63 for each bag of compost and I didn’t have to dig or anything just cut a hole in the bag and plant the seed! We have clay soil so it is not easy to grow in our soil without any amendments. I am worried I put them a little close together though for such large plants but I guess time will tell.

As for planting and seeing what grows in the field it just rained too much to do anything out there and now it is getting late. So the field is just growing grass and being mowed by our son. He loves mowing and has already mowed most of the yard (all that we allowed him to mow) and I have to mow the back yard. Too many obstacles for him so that is my or my hubbies chore. Happy 4th to all and happy birthday to me on the 5th! We are hoping to get to the waterpark today and laze in the lazy river! Thanks for reading and Have an outstanding day!



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