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Not-so-sweet peas, hard graft and happy birthdays

01 Jul 2011
Rainy 23°C / 73°F

I think I’m going to have to break down and do something about the ants and aphids. If sweet peas are always this loaded down with aphids and pollen beetles I am not ever growing them again. I guess they keep the aphids and the pollen beetles concentrated in one pot and away from my veg, but it’s just killing me to try to deal with them and I’m certainly not getting any cut flowers to come inside. I have put off breaking out the insecticidal soap etc because I really prefer to let the beneficials move in and eat then up, but this is really out of balance. I have a decent number of lady beetles and lady beetle babies in the garden, but I’m gonna need 20 times as many just to make a dent. So I might break out the big guns tomorrow

I’ve been outside sorting out the front garden all day. I’ve kinda been letting the lawn go since I’m happy with wildflowers and the lack of rain has made for slow growth. It is now trimmed though, ivy is cut back from the gate, and the plants have been shuffled around to make the best of the sunshine. Looks like I have my first official courgette in a couple or 4 days and the first tomato is finally turning gold. I’ve raked and pruned and trimmed and watered and the place looks half decent.

Boy do people know me well…I have gotten an RHS membership, gift certificates for 2 different garden centers, a lemon trees, various small pot and seeds for my birthday. I’m going shopping tomorrow.




happy Birthday! Nice that your friends and family are being so thoughtful with their gifts :)

Posted on 02 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Happy Birthday!

Posted on 03 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8

Thanks guys! It was pretty good. My sis-in-law got me tickets to an RHS show this month so I’m gonna go party with the plants.

Posted on 03 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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