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Triple digits and pickled beets

28 Jun 2011
Windy 38°C / 100°F

100. Yuck. Worst part is high of 107 tomorrow. Ew. Shoulda coulda woulda gotten things done Monday and Tuesday but such is life. I did get the two 39 gal trash bags of grass I collected yesterday on the ground around my peppers, squash, and all six melon mounds this morning. I’m planning on getting some more grass clippings this evening from an uncle.
Today I canned my first ever jar! It was a pint of beets, and while it was just one jar, I’m proud of myself all the same :) Now I’m all excited for the tomatoes to ripen…(famous last words haha) Although I have a feeling I’m going to need A LOT more jars. I’m planning on planting a lot more beets to harvest in the fall since I’m picking them small they take about half the time. I still have 11 more weeks till the first frost and that’s plenty of time to start on some more.
Right now I need to go log everything that’s blooming/fruiting since I’ve been terrible at keeping up the past week and a half.
Picked a few more peas for snacking, one turnip. Oh, and I spotted my broccoli heads actually growing :)




That is hot!! Hope your air conditioning copes well.

Posted on 01 Jul 11 (about 8 years ago)

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