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Watertight at last.

27 Jun 2011
Rainy 22°C / 72°F

Lots of things have happened since my last entry. The butternut squash are in their new bed, the broad beans are gone, the shed roof is watertight, I have guttering and a waterbutt and the greenhouse is full of tomatoes, peppers, aubergine and cucumbers.

The weather has been a real mix of wet, dry, hot, cold , stormy and windy, in all combinations from cold, wet & windy through hot & dry to today’s wet, hot and thundery!

Matt (DS) had last week off work and promised to fix the allotment shed so we purchased new roof felt, batons, tacks and nails. Also guttering, downpipe etc to feed the waterbutt. Luckily Tuesday was more or less dry and sunny and Matt got everything done while I weeded, dug and generally ‘pottered’ about. It was only after he’d gone I spotted the deliberate mistake. Have a look at picture 2 and see if you know what it was, answer at end of entry :)

Everything is burgeoning and crops are coming along nicely, except for the broad beans. First they were ‘got’ but a bee that bores into the back of the flower causing the flower to drop then the blackfly hit and rapidly took over. In the end I cut my losses before they spread to the runner beans, chopped them off at the roots and transferred lots of ladybirds onto the other plants with early aphid signs. The climbing french beans have failed too so I plan one more sowing in rootrainers to plant out for an autumn crop.

He also created and nifty little latch on the ‘door’ (it only has half it’s slats so isn’t a real door yet) complete with arrow to show directions to open. Such a comedian!

At home the strawberries, raspberries, beetroot and cabbage are doing well. One of the cabbage won a first at the local horticultural show last Saturday with strawberries and raspberries coming 2nd and 4th respectively in their classes. The strawberries were not from the named plants I had so carefully nurtured but a few random, un-named runners picked up on a plant stall at a fete last year and planted down one side of a veg bed, not even netted. Typical!

The deliberate mistake? Well, I told Matt I wanted the butt at the edge of the platform and it is………….it’s just the BACK edge, so I can’t get the watering can underneath, DOH! Still a small adjustment and it will be fine.




It’s great when they (sons) have the time isn’t it? Jobs which take you/me ages and just about knock you out are a doddle for them. I’ll happily make a cooked meal or cake or be builder’s mate while they get on with the heavy stuff.
My DS 3 installed my 2 water butts on large paving slabs atop concrete blocks, which works pretty well and gives me a bit of spare space for pots and things too.

Posted on 28 Jun 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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