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I need more ROOM

20 Jun 2011
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I need more ROOM. I focus on herbs and edibles, which want sun, and much of our yard is shaded by trees in other yards.

I wanted one of the empty plots in the community garden down the block, but it is apparently “closed” unless you know the right person. I don’t. The plots stand unplanted and weedy. What a waste.

I also planned to plant my brother’s sunny hillside with things that take more room – squash, melons, beans – but we lost our car and I can’t get there any more.

I have wash tubs full of pots with squash that need to be planted out NOW, and no place to go with them. I am going to try solarizing a weed strip along the fence – full sun, but full of invasives. I will mow it, turn it, and stake it with black plastic. Then punch holes for the squash. Worst case, the squash is choked out, but I have to take the shot.




Good luck with the solarizing project to create space for the squash! :)
Car related challenges here too. I have an old beat up car, but it would cost me far more than the blue book value of the ol junker to get all its problems fixed, so I’m making do without it.

A little garden gnome I know would be highly motivated to sneak in at night to that “closed” community garden plot which is untended and weedy, plant some inexpensive veggies under cover of darkness, and never mind not knowing the right person.

Posted on 22 Jun 11 (over 4 years ago)

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