Seed Swaps

The first poppies opening for Fathers Day

20 Jun 2011
26°C / 78°F

These Papaver somniferum are the most highly awaited flowers in my garden to bloom, both by myself and the neighbors and passers by. The gigantic 8" blooms on up to 4 foot stems waving like a banner in the breeze is a sight to behold enmasse.

This year with our unusually cold and wet spring I noticed right away my seedings did not fare well. The only survivors were ones that volunteered in pot that were sitting in the area when the seeds were scattered last summer. 4 plants in pots and 2 in the ground. Usually I have dozens of them all over the garden.

Regardless, I am grateful for the few plants left and will cross my fingers things will be better next year. These first 2 flowers opened yesterday for Fathers Day. A wonderful way to remember my daddy!!!!

It is supposed to be nice and warm today…THANK GOODNESS!! I hope it will coax some of my Asiatics into bloom!!




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