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Where have all my bee-utiful bees gone?

18 Jun 2011
19°C / 66°F

This has been quite the record cold and wet spring in the Pacific NW, and along with the slow start to bloom…. comes the absence of my little pollinators. Ohhhh how I miss going out to the hardy geraniums and listening to the hummmmm of busy bees circling around in the pollen. I sit for hours photographing them behind a tripod, but this year I can count the bees I have seen on one hand!!! Literally!!!

I would love to hear everyone elses experiences around the world regarding their bee populations. I know it’s becoming a real concern in parts of the USA and Canada. This is the first year I have really seen a sharp decline. I hope to see more as the flowers get brave enough to open as our mid June highs have barely creeped over 70 degrees yet!!!!



i have quite a few bumblebees, on the ceanothus, the nepeta, the sunroses, the alliums, and the lavender, about 4 different kinds, and have seen a few honeybees too.

Posted on 19 Jun 11 (almost 5 years ago)


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United States5b

My garden is full of bees and wasps. I did that sunflower bee study a few years ago where we were supposed to watch our flower for up to 15 minutes or 5 bees (or something like that) and I always just walked out the door and there were more than the requisite number of bees on the flower so I just picked 5 arbitrarily to log and that was that. And some friends of mine had a honey bee swarm in their house last weekend and they called every bee keeper in the book and no one would take it so they finally called an exterminator. :( So I guess New York has too many bees and can’t be bothered to pick up free bees to share with the rest of the country. :P

Posted on 23 Jun 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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