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A very nice day

13 Jun 2011
Partly Sunny 22°C / 72°F

DW and I spent the mid-morning and a bit of the afternoon at the garden. We parked her chair at the edge of the yard where the wild brush grows… she was wondering if she was safe from wild attack bunnies that close to the wilds. 8-0

It was actually a tad chillish earlier in the morning but the sun made things quite comfortably warm. A beautiful day.

I weeded out the tomatoes and basil. Looks good. I need to get some supports up for the tomatoes either tomorrow or Thursday and I would really like to get the rest of the garden rows in grass clippings. I guess I’ll see how Thursday shapes up. No sense in rushing. I’ll get done what I get done.

I guess I’m done testing insecticidal soap. I won’t have the time before the weekend and then I’ll be AFG (away from garden) until I’m able again. Well Lady… I guess we see how much of a gardener you are. LOL Keep it looking good, I don’t plan on being down for long.

I got out for the evening and weeded the peppers, now they look really good as well.

I found homes for a couple of new plants in the pond – Pickerel Rush and Variegated Society Garlic. Jamie and Beth were shopping at the Amish greenhouse again and brought them home for us. :-) They look pretty cool and I don’t think Jamie realized they’re both edibles according to the web searching I’ve done so far. I think I’ll enjoy them as ornamentals for now. ;-)




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