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I should start an "Invasive Garden"

12 Jun 2011
23°C / 73°F

The more I work in this yard, the more invasive species I find. It got out of control as Mom ages, and she thinks every plant is pretty. She didn’t have any discipline in the garden. Lot things run over others. Even let other people plant things she didn’t want.

English ivy, vinca, and grapevine run through it all. Mugwort. Bishop’s Weed. I dug out dozens of oak and maple seedlings she let grow anywhere they started. Wild roses. Tree of Heaven. Trumpet Vine. Chinese lantern. Pokeweed. Garlic Mustard. Autumn Clematis. Crabgrass. Bermuda grass. Canadian thistle. Shotweed. Don’t forget the bindweed!

It never stops. See why my veggie garden is in containers?

I used to want to try to keep this house and live here when Mom passes, but I am starting to think that I would spend the rest of my life trying to get rid of the weeds.



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