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Testing homemade Ivory insecticidal soap

11 Jun 2011
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Insecticidal soap is supposed to be easy and cheap to make at home. So… does it work?

Testing Ivory bar soap.

One tablespoon of soap (shavings) to a quart of water is supposed to yield roughly a 2% solution which is supposed to kill flea beetles. Online wisdom says it doesn’t kill on contact, it takes a few minutes to work. At 2050 this evening I sprayed aforementioned 2% solution on flea beetles on my potatoes and trapped them in containers.

Tally at 2135:
Of the 7 I caught in a snap top container, 6 are dead in the container and 1 got inadvertently smashed in the lid. It took that long for the last one to die.

I’m going to try it again either tomorrow or Monday with a little less vigorous soaking to see if it is effective without almost drowning the beggars in soapwater.



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