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Update on the Vegetable Garden

05 Jun 2011
29°C / 84°F

Over the weekend and as of today, all the seeds that went in last weekend have started to germinate and sprout. The Cucumbers were first and then the Beans. And just this morning we have the tiny little poke-through of the Melon, Pumpkin and Patty Pan Squash.

The one Tomato that I winter sowed this year was almost flooded out of the container. But I managed to save one seedling. It is small, but it should catch up pretty quickly. I put it in a pot, rather than in the ground, because of it’s size.

We used one of the Top-set onions to throw in the crock pot with the roast the other night and it was quite tasty, a little sweet actually. It was big. I didn’t weigh it, but it probably was at least a pound. I also harvested one small, but definitely round radishy-looking radish, weighing next to nothing that was munched right away.




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