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04 Jun 2011
Sunny 20°C / 68°F

Leaving my garden for a whole week while its still in its infancy to somebody who doesn’t really know much about plants is a terrorizing thought. Alas, I have to suck it up and trust he’ll follow my 2 pages of highly detailed instructions on watering (I am of course speaking of my other half here).

I bagged up all the tomatoes that show signs of flowering while I’ll be away this week, and they are:

  • AP2
  • Silvery Fir Tree
  • Italian Winter
  • Graf Zeppelin
  • Coracao Di Boi
  • Goose Creek
  • Legend

Much to my amazement, my ‘Fryerfrinsborghese’ that got snapped in half, which I quickly put rooting powder on and planted in the main bed, is actually now producing new growth after a few weeks of looking all but dead. I didn’t expect this one to make it, and I might not get any fruit off of it now (depending on its maturation time), but that’s still damned impressive.

The tent caterpillars that have taken up residence in our huge Hawthorn will have to be dealt with when I get back, as will resowing a few seeds that haven’t seemed to have wanted to sprout the first round out. It’s getting late now, and I’m not sure if resowing is an option, or if I’d be better off just to go and hunt down a pumpkin at a garden centre somewhere. Rather disappointing.

I’m off on a plane now, looking forward to seeing family, and being on some old stomping grounds that haven’t seen the soles of my feet for almost 7 years.




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