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27 May 2011
Partly Sunny 19°C / 66°F

Time for herbs, time for tomatoes, time for peppers, time for beans. It’s time, time, time! Time to make the rest of the lamb’s lettuce into pesto, the last of the (bolted but still nice) spinach and kale into soup and winter greens lasagne, time to clear out that main bed for its new occupants: tomatoes and peppers. Into the little greens bed – which still houses young greens, but not too many – will go the lemon cucumbers and strawberries. My pots are now full of herbs, including lavender (which is a new one for me), and the garden is looking lush and lovely.

As much as I enjoy the challenges of the winter garden in Colorado, I’m really looking forward to the challenges of this year’s summer garden. Colorado is tough on gardeners, but six summers into my stay here, I think – I think! – I’m starting to get the hang of it. We’ll see.



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