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The Quick and the Dead (weeding, feeding and teaching)

23 May 2011
21°C / 69°F

The streak of beautiful working weather continues here, the plants are loving it. Looks like many doubled size overnight.

Federle tomatoes suffering transplant shock, though the Roma, Black Plum and Cherokee Purple that went in yesterday are fine. Gave them all a fish emulsion foliar feed, along with everything else growing in No Rabbits Allowed! gardens.

Me and Zech set most of the trellises with poultry netting. I laid the soaker hoses for the north beds, though I don’t anticipate needing them for some time as we have had plenty of rain. Zech trenched the last section of NRA which will be used as a “3 sisters” bed with Cherokee Red popcorn, Cherokee Black pole beans and Red Kuri squash.

NRA Bed N3 was planted with Lazy Housewife pole beans, National Pickling cukes, easter egg radish, Parisienne carrots and crookneck squash. There’s still room on the end for something, probably eggplant.

Planting is going slower than I’d hoped, as usual. Far too much time is spent instructing, supervising and/or working along side the young helpers. I am ever grateful for their help, but they are slow and inexperienced. Sometimes I long for professionals whom I could had a map of what to do and set them free, returning 3 hours later to find everything perfectly done. At the same price as my young helpers, of course. Ha.

Vince is engineering the rain barrel system. I think we might finally have the Triple Set ready for the storms tonight.

Weeded the hops, orchard paths, potato beds, garlic and much of the no man’s land that is behind the Prairie Dog Town beds. I got this done in 1/8 of the time that Kate spent trying to weed the raspberry bed (which are 2×20 feet). She was out there all day and is still not done. I swear she picks a weed and then holds it up to her face and studies each one up close for a very long time. One weed at a time. All. Day. Long. That job should have taken 1 hour, maybe 90 minutes. She’s been at it all day. I am not taking over and getting it done just for the sake of getting it done. I am determined that she will finish this one project, well and to completion on her own. That’s how we learn, right?




I find the biggest problem with young helpers (and ironically teens are worse than middle schoolers with this) is that they are too impatient to listen. They just want to throw out the seeds, stick the plant in the ground. I grit my teeth and hope for the best.

Posted on 25 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

if the raspberry bed has thorns, maybe Kate was slow because of trying to not get scratched.
Thorny areas of gardens should be assigned to male helpers if at all possible.
Girls usually have far more concern than guys, for not getting all scratched up.

A young man with scratches will think he looks ‘cool’ in his battle scars but a lass covered in scratches will usually get teased about it by peers.

Posted on 25 May 11 (about 8 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5

Well, she is a delicate little thing but I doubt that thorns are the real issue. For one thing, the plants are really thorny yet. I know this because I started the weeding project. For another she’s just really slow about everything. She is the turtle to my hare. It is a very different personality type and it drives me batty (to mix metaphors).

We’ve had two days of torrential rain so she’s been given a reprieve. Perhaps I need to work along side her for a while to help her get the rhythm.

I am fortunate to have any help at all, and I feel much conflict complaining about them. It’s a complicated relationship, but I’ve taken these kids under my (bat) wing and I’m trying to teach them some life skills so they can make their way in the real world. I fluctuate between gratitude and exasperation that, so often, they just don’t seem to get it. Which is exactly why it’s so important that I keep teaching and pushing them.

Posted on 26 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

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