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21 May 2011
Storms 19°C / 66°F

It’s a steady 20mph+ all day with gusts much stronger and since I’m a container gardener this year I’ve been running around hiding things and weighting things down. I picked up cheap picnic plates at Poundland this week to put under pots because they just seemed so cheery. I’ve now formulated a clever plan for jazzing up the potted plants display in a way that is both subtle and appealing. To me anyway. I’ve gotta get this camera fixed.

I went on a reviewing frenzy yesterday and said of Nemesia Sunsatia Raspberry “Bred for bigger flowers, the performance on these Sunsatia varieties is nothing like as good as the performance from other Nemesia. I probably wouldn’t bother again” then promptly made a liar of myself when I saw a Sunsatia “Kumquat” for sale on the market in Cambridge. What is it with me and Nemesia? Damn.



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