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Oh Hail and Rain and rain and rain

18 May 2011
Storms 11°C / 52°F

Well, I hate to complain but I am OVER the rain. This is supposed to be SUNNY Colorado. Go away rain. 7 days of rain and drizzle. I haven’t been able to get my plants out (which is probably good since I didn’t have anything out that I needed to worry about with the hail.)

Peas, spinach and all survived it all well. I threw a big garbage barrel over the peony just to be on the safe side – it is looking SO good right now.

I hope hope hope that the ground dries out enough for me to get in the garden this weekend. So much that I should have had in by now……maybe summer will be nice and stick around a little longer ;)

1 The Hail….. this was about one mile from my house. Not quite as bad at my house.
2 The Peony – woohoo can’t wait for it to bloom. Might have to have a peony party when it does.
3. Peas are looking good now bloom!
4. The pic didn’t come out very well but one of the wintersow containers I had (apple columbine) I thought had sprouted. As I was dumping water out I noticed a root at the very bottom of the jug and thought that there was to way the columbine root would be that long….. I pulled and out came the bindweed from hell spaghetti white root of death…. die bindweed die…..




Yeah – glad your peas faired well! I have added peas to my list for next year – I am just so jealous! Also, is it just me or does the peony look kinda like an oleander?

Posted on 19 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

I’ve had great success with the Wandos.

I had to look up Oleander ;) No definitley not. Oleandar leaves seem much spiker to me from the pics. Just wait until mine blooms than there will be no confusion LOL

The yard is absolutely soaked!!! I’m not going to be able to get anything out for days and they more rain so I’m looking at maybe over a week. I stayed up last night looking through my past journal entries and this will definitely be the latest I’ve gotten my garden stuff going (besides the peas and spinach stuff). Oh well, hopefully we will have that warmth and sun soon. I went out in my pjs this morning with a paint brush to stimulate the strawberry flowers…. I want more strawberries this year (last year was dismal).

Posted on 19 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

Congrats on eliminating the evil bind weed. i wonder if that weed is all over the entire usa. it sometimes invades my garden too.

Posted on 19 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

Oh believe me it is not the only one I have…. I have it everywhere – it is a daily battle (will would be daily if I could actually get out there to do that….)

Posted on 20 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

What’s the pH on the soil of your strawberries? Check out the info from hotwired in the Strawberry group…LOADS of great info there.

Posted on 20 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

Oh, I just looked up Wandos…probably a no-go for me – hubby doesn’t care for English peas too much. I was thinking Black Eyed Peas…

Posted on 20 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

Well, they have actually been in for awhile…. I mowed them down in the fall and mulched them good and have been putting on a berry booster fert….. They are looking pretty good so I’ll see what the berries are like – one already had a green guy growing.

I don’t care for peas either unless they are fresh out of the garden…. woah what a difference.

Posted on 20 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

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