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Today's harvest & some backyard garden photos & seeds sown

17 May 2011
26°C / 79°F

Today’s harvest: “Green garlic”, garlic scapes, Touchon carrots (the slowest of the 3 varieties I grew but sweet and tasty), pineapple tomatillos, and Sparkle strawberries.

Sown today: Red and yellow watermelons, and Minnesota Midget cantaloupe.

Watered today: The vegetable garden, the pond garden, the blue fountain garden, the popcorn, the trumpet flower bed, the rasberry/strawberry bed, the Cassia/garage bed, some of the sidewalk garden, and the natives bed. I’d complain about not getting enough rain lately (we’ve only had 0.4" so far this month and last month was dry too) but every time I start to I think of complaining, I then think of the folks like flowerweaver in Texas and then I bite my tongue!

Photo #1: Today’s harvest
Photo #2: Golden oregano & Violas (holding on beautifully from the fall)
Photo #3: Flowering Hosta
Photo #4: Happily growing strawberry popcorn
Photo #5: Wheat grown from wheat seeds that contaminated the wheat straw with which I mulched my strawberries :)




POPCORN! Do you let it dry and roast? Very curious about this…

Posted on 19 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

I’ve never grown it before, because I always had a small garden. This is my first year with lots of space, and I leaped at the opportunity to grow some corn. This variety of popcorn is supposed to only get about 4 feet tall and then produce several small, stubby, red-kerneled ears that I think are supposed to dry on the plant. I’ll look that up in more detail when harvest time gets closer. I’m really excited to eat my first ear of home-grown popcorn later this season! I’ve read that you can put a shucked dried ear of popcorn in a paper bag and microwave it. Either that or scrape the dried kernels from the cob and then pop it as usual (I used a hot air popper for normal store-bought popcorn). I’ll try both when the time comes! :)

Posted on 19 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

Oh, my goodness – I can’t wait to hear about your popcorn eating adventure! I have heard the same about drying, bagging and microwaving.

My brother grows a variety of corn out in West Texas…Candy Corn…it’s wonderful! SOOOO, very sweet – makes the best corn relish (if I say so myself).

Anyway, I haven’t made it out to harvest in several years and really miss it! I noticed that my local feed store has it in stock…guess what’s going on the planting list for next year?

Posted on 19 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

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