Seed Swaps

Dahlias and Daleks.

14 May 2011
Rainy 17°C / 63°F

I’m growing dahlia ’Bishop’s Children’ from seed again this year and I’ve never had blooms the first year, yet here I am only a couple months down the line with fat healthy buds forming on one. Fascinating.

All the dahlias got repotted. These are a large variety and I am hoping these new pots will get them through to Autumn with enough space to form some good tubers that I can lift for next year. You gotta love a plant that propagates so easily from seed, division, tubers and cuttings. Let’s hope the slugs don’t mess with my system.

Many other things got repotted and put into mixed containers: fuchsia, mint, rudbeckia, and nemesia. Every time I think I have enough planters I find that I could really just use 2 more. Same goes for compost since I started making my own container mix. I am hoping to get these last couple of mixed containers sorted out and not have to do much more transplanting this summer. That said, I will inevitably decide to start fresh containers for herbs and start the whole cycle again.

And Ian bought me some sort of redgold chrysanthemums. Yay Ian!




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