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May 2011 Bloom Day

15 May 2011
26°C / 79°F

Happy Bloom Day, everyone! In spite of full spring, most of my bloomers this month are inside. We’re past the spring ephemerals here and it’s still too early for summer flowers.

This month I seem to be having luck with orchids! The new dendrobium spikes are in full bloom, my dear old phaelaenopsis is nearing its first fully new spike bloom, and my wee dwarf phalaenopsis is in full bloom. The dwarf even has a faint scent, reminiscent of lilies.

I was surprised that the variegated lemon has also bloomed! I’m not sure about how to pollinate the flowers for this plant or if it needs it (presumably for fruiting it would). I had amazingly great luck with the skimmia this year in manual pollination! In years past, the skimmia have bloomed so early as to miss the limited populations of pollinators we get in the city. This meant no bright red berries for winter (well, only three on two large female bushes). This year, I went ahead and tried to assist, and it looks like I have success! Dozens of berries are coming to fruition!

The last blooming plant today has my surprise and thanks. In my new terrarium, I planted partridgeberry (mitchella repens) which wasn’t in great shape. However, over the last few weeks it has established itself and put forth paired tiny white blooms. I would love berries on this as well, but with the tubular flowers, I have no idea how to address these. And the inside of my house shows a distinct lack of pollinators.

Photos: Mitchella, dwarf phal, dendrobium, lemon




I’m really enjoying my orchid, and seeing everyone else’s. Obviously we are going to have to add on to the house because I want to expand my collection every time I see one on Folia! (PS. I think it’s May)

Posted on 15 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

Is it May already? Blast … thanks for the note :) I’m really learning to love orchids. I received my large plain white phalaenopsis as a birthday present three years ago, and unfortunately it’s borne the brunt of my learning curve. However, now that I’m starting to feel more comfortable, I’ve justified adopting a few more (unfortunately that just leads to more and more and more ….).

Posted on 15 May 11 (about 5 years ago)

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