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First strawberries!

11 May 2011
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I’ve had my eye on one strawberry for a while as it slowly grew in size and then started to develop a tinge of pink. Today, upon my ritualistic examination of my small and young strawberry patch as soon as I got out of the car after work, I saw that not only that strawberry but 5 others had reached ripe status. I carefully pinched off the stems, carried them in, warned DH away until I could photograph them, and then ceremoniously handed DH a strawberry to taste. The big ones, Sparkle, were intensely and deliciously flavored. The small one, Seascape, didn’t have much flavor at all.




I’m glad you like ‘Sparkle’ I grew it at the previous house and thought it had good flavour. I hope that the ‘Seascape’ get more flavour as the season progresses (?) as I have 25 of them (bare root) ready to plant and they weren’t cheap!

Posted on 14 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

My Seascape plants are way smaller than the Sparkles, but the Sparkles are supposed to be Junebearing, and the Seascapes are supposed to bear over a longer season, so the Seascapes may just be building up momentum at this point. I’m still hoping for great things from them. Time will tell!

Posted on 14 May 11 (about 8 years ago)

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