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Garbage Surprise and Mistreated Plants of the Region

24 Apr 2011
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So, when my Ebay-special iris bulbs that I had carefully chilled for 8 weeks (supposed to be 14) started sprouting too vigorously to keep in the back of the fridge I set them out on the porch. They then appeared to sulk, and put forth a bit more green growth and then stalled. So, a week ago, I tossed them in the rubbish bin I keep on the porch and figured them an interesting, if failed, experiment.

Today, I was planting out some ferns, and shook off some dirt unto the bin only to find that the irises were blooming! I carefully sorted the viable ones out and potted them out. I have no idea how they persisted, but they are obviously hardy little plantae in spite of my mistreatment.

In the wide world of mistreated plants, the tree I thought dead in my parents’ yard has bloomed and put on new growth! This tree (I’ll get a full horror shot next time) had the audacity to grow many fine branches over the boundary line before my parents purchased the property. Now, I understand that the neighbor’s trash filled alley is their trash filled alley, and if the tree branches over into that alley they can cut the branches. But, the poor thing looked like as if it was dead, all large bore stump and no fine branches. This spring it’s back alive and kicking, and I’ll do the best I can for it from here on out. I think it’s some sort of blooming cherry, though beyond that I’m unsure. Anyone have any ideas?

Photos: Prunus (?) blooming, new leaves against the bark; iris reticulata blooms in spite of everything.




Lovely surprises, thanks very much for posting these beautiful pics! :)

Posted on 25 Apr 11 (about 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8

I had an iris take off after living all winter in a plastic bag on the deck. I totally forgot about it, but it was not ready to give up. I love a plants that wants to live more than it wants to be fussed over.

Posted on 25 Apr 11 (about 5 years ago)

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