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I know almonds are meant to flower early but this is riduculous!!!

10 Apr 2011

I bought a self-pollinating almond tree last year, and it has been living in a pot ever since, and in general going OK. In early march, when the weather was still quite warm, i noticed that it was starting to drop its leaves and form new growth buds ready for next spring. It seemed a bit early for it to be entering dormancy, but being the first autumn that i’ve had it, i just assumed it knew what it was doing so i wasn’t that fussed, but i was definitely surprised to see it shooting new leaves a couple of weeks later, and whats more started flowering a short while after that!!!

Not really sure what to make of it…there certainly wasn’t any noticeable cold snap that could’ve confused it. We’ve had a pretty wet autumn so far so maybe its related to that. It’s a bit of a shame because i had planned to do a bit of winter pruning, as well as some spraying before bud burst. Also not sure how it will react when things do cool down…we rarely (if ever) get frost here, but it can certainly get down below 10 degrees celsius, so not sure what will happen to its leaves and any fruit that form?!




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