Seed Swaps

April 18, 2011

17 Apr 2011
14°C / 57°F

I was able to get outside yesterday and survey the vegetable garden. Looks like some water ran through the middle of it, but no damage done. Thank goodness after those horrible storms moved through Saturday.

The red potatoes are growning so fast! They have doubled in a week. The brussel sprouts I’m a little concerned about. One day they look okay and the next they are wilted. I hope they aren’t drowning in all the rain water. The spinach is growning very well and will soon be able to harvest some. Radishes are up and growing as well as the green peas. I’m a little disappointed in my onions. They aren’t growing like I would like them to. Maybe the rain has affected their growth. Cauliflower and cabbages are growing well. Especially the cabbage. They are in competition with the red potatoes! No sign on the corn or beans yet, That should happen this week. The bell peppers I planted last week look great.

I hope to get my tomatoes planted in the garden this week as well as my watermellon and cantaloupes. After that it will all be the ground!

Suppose to rain here again towards the end of the week. I really need a few days of dry weather so the garden will dry out some which will allow me to get in there and work it. I see some weeds starting to prosper.

Happy Gardening!




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