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April 16, 2011

15 Apr 2011
Cloudy 0°C / 32°F

My garden tents are doing well. I’ve now purchased six 2’ T5 light fixtures and small heat mats. Each stand (see picture in April 9 entry) has a light and heat mat on each tray. To install the light I bought some PEX tubes and cut them to the length required. The stands have a mounting hole on the left and right just below the shelf support and after installing the PEX tube in them I hung the lights using tie-wraps.

The lights came as a package (light and reflector) from Lee Valley and I bought a power cord and some coupler cords in order to connect the lights in series. However, the coupler cords are not long enough to connect lights from one to the next on the lower shelf. I contacted the manufacturer and they sell longer coupler cords via their web site so when those are now order and when they get here my lights will be all ready.

By the way…the light manufacturer sells stuff on a web site and they provided outstanding customer service so I recommend them.

All of the mats are connected to a multi-outlet power bar which is connected to the thermostat.




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