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What was that? An earth tremor?

15 Apr 2011
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Hm, did anyone else feel that? I’m just sitting here exploring Folia and the whole house just shook.

There was a mighty jolt and I looked out window expecting to see a wild wind blowing (memories of Yasi), it felt like something hit the house, but all is calm at window level, at roof level.

However, the jolt came up through the foundations – an earth tremor just hit.



I am sure it was cause I felt it as well

Posted on 16 Apr 11 (about 5 years ago)

Yep! Me too. Apparently it registered 5.2.

Posted on 16 Apr 11 (about 5 years ago)

Further information: the epicentre was between Millaroo and Bowen, around 124 km south-east of Townsville here. It’s classed as an earthquake and it struck at a depth of only 10 klms, which is pretty shallow.

Posted on 16 Apr 11 (about 5 years ago)

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