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hooray spring!

12 Apr 2011
Cloudy 11°C / 51°F

this past sunday and monday finally saw a break in the cool, wet spring we’ve been having (even though it’s right back to it now!). the spring blooms that had been biding their time finally burst open, and everything else is growing like crazy.

with this intense burst of growth, i finally needed to thin out two of the pots of greens out front. the spinach and mustard greens are turning into little monsters, so they experiened most of the thinning in order to let the smaller guys have some room. i guess this qualifies as the first harvest of the spring! they helped spruce up our dinner salad the other night.

our neighbors’s dogwood bloomed last week, and i was out there with my camera shortly after. i wish i could share the scent as well – it would blow into our open windows, and was oh-so lovely!

courtesy of our same neighbor’s pansies from last fall, we now have about ten little purple pansies growing in our grass patch (aka front yard) and there are even some poking up on the sidewalk! i love these little flowers! it seems no one has been hard-hearted enough to stomp them out just yet, so i hope they survive for quite a while!

also included is another neighbor’s tulip, enjoying the downright toasty weather on monday (85 degrees and somewhat humid – hello summer!).

this past weekend i also acquired a dwarf reblooming purple lilac (“bloomerang”, ha) from the garden center. hopefully it does’t mind its container captivity too much, and that it provides its advertised blooms. don’t think the husband has noticed the new purchase yet, and that is probably for the best!




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