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They Live! (But my help is leaving me)

12 Apr 2011
14°C / 58°F

I’d given up all hope for the peas I sowed on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s been very wet and colder than usual (which is saying something for Chicagoland). I figured they’d rotted in the ground. Two days ago I started soaking peas for a replacement planting. We finally got a long enough break in the weather to dry out the soil a bit. I’m prepping it today, low and behold: The Peas – They Live!

I guess I’ll toss the others about the garden for cover cropping purposes. With luck they might mature before I need to till them in for the warm weather plantings.

I also see some spinach and lettuce sprouting up, three of the asparagus have decided to make their appearance and the rhubarb are springing. No sign of the mache. It may have been dead seed.

Speaking of weather turning, today is the first day we’ve really been able to work the soil. And it is the last day my helpers are here. I threw a shovel at Zech and begged him to get digging before his parents arrive. Funny how these things go. We are creating a new parkway bed in which to transplant the ditch lilies taking over the side of my house.




I know how happy you must be about those peas! I’m feeling the same way. I planted mine right around St Paddy’s day too.
I already had started looking for replacement seed.
But my Golden Sweet Peas (native to India!) actually served that week of nighttime temps in the 20’s
They’re an inch high and climbing!
Reach high, little peas! :-)

Posted on 12 Apr 11 (over 8 years ago)

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