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What a Meal

09 Apr 2011
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Today I remembered why I love gardening so much. I mean, sowing seeds and watching them sprout and then watching them grow into big healthy bushes with delicious fruits.
After spending half my day transplanting my seedlings into their final resting spot in the Winter garden I decided it was time to harvest. With my trusted basket, I selected the best of the globe eggplants, capsicums, oregano, thyme, Italian parsley, sweet basil and to come inside to cook dinner.
My wonderful partner decided it would be Italian tonight. So he started making Eggplant parmigiana. He carefully selected and opened his passata (tomato sauce) which he made from roma tomatoes in December 2010. Whilst he did this, I floured, egged (eggs from our little hampshire) and breadcrumbed the eggplant slices before lightly frying.
The end result was magnificent. I made a light garden salad to compliment.
Whilst sitting back and eating, I was counting how many things from our garden went into the main meal and salad. How truly wonderful to know many of them were grown organically and with love.
No need for excuses to get back into gardening. A full and healthy stomach tonight.




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