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April 9, 2011

08 Apr 2011
Sunny 6°C / 43°F

It appears that my first strawberry is germinating. I’m actually looking forward to those the most.

In terms of other gardening needs…I recently bought 10 × 200 litre food grade barrels which I’ll be strategically scattering around my house to collect rainwater. I’m having new eavestroughs installed this month and I purchased some water diverters that install on the downspouts. Short pieces of garden hose run from the diverter to a barrel. Since I’ll have at least two or three barrels beside each other I’ll install fittings and hoses so that when the one being filled from the diverter gets full it will overflow into the next and so on.

Today I found some great greenhouse stands at Jysk for $30 each (see photo). They have three tiers each big enough to hold a standard propagating tray (two if you let them overhang the edges). The entire structure is covered with a clear plastic shell that has two zippers on the front. The only thing I’d like to see improved is if they had casters for the bottom. Other than that I’m very pleased with them and bought three.

I’ve now moved the four trays that have most seeds sprouted onto the new stands so they are no longer on the heat mat.




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