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too cold!

29 Mar 2011
Sunny 6°C / 42°F

despite what the weather sidebar says here, it’s supposed to get down around 20 tonight, so it’s finally time to tuck the plants in. i bought the row covers to combat the moths that go after the greens in the spring, but we’ll see if it does double duty for tonight’s wintery weather.
the pots in the front yard were covered with a very stylish sheet leftover from the hubby’s bachelor days – no pictures of that tonight!
the rosemary is the only one i’m honestly worried about, so it is now living the warm life inside under the grow light.




Hi vickypi,

i too have the issue of the temps not being accurately reflected for my area.
The reason appears to be, that google temps are used and if you, like me live a fair way from a major town (or at least one that google has decided is a major town) you will get the temp of your nearest ‘google’ town.

In my case that is either 200kms north on the coast or 300km south on the coast. I am inland by 30kms so the temps there are milder, both on the cold and hot scale.

Its funny how plants, particularly newly planted ones, become like pets to us. I am fortunate where i live as far as growing goes. Just as an example we are one month into autumn and today was about 26 degrees celsius and it will get ‘down’ to about 18 celsius tonight.

Good luck with your rosemary :)

Posted on 29 Mar 11 (about 8 years ago)

Thank you for your comment :) I bet rosemary looooves it where you live!
I didn’t know about the google weather situation – but it makes sense that they are not measuring from everyone’s backyard! Apparently the weather here is difficult to predict (?) so I’m often paranoid about my babies. I think that’s one of the issues with growing edibles, especially since I don’t have a huge garden – they are pets for a while, but then the whole point is to eat them eventually!

Posted on 30 Mar 11 (about 8 years ago)

the cold weather snap was tough it looks like it might be over

Posted on 04 Apr 11 (about 8 years ago)

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