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Preparing for Trip

28 Mar 2011
18°C / 64°F

I can’t afford to pay my sister to water my stuff while I"m gone so today I tried watering everything as deeply as I could. We’re just coming off more rain so hopefully it can all take 2 weeks without watering. :-/

Except the seeds I’ve started. I may have to beg for help with those.

Anyway, I tried to prep for being gone. I potted up the Seascape I bought at the Altadena Urban Farmers Market. I was going to leave my tomato seedlings in 4" pots but they’re already much bigger. I didn’t have enough soil/time to pot them all up so I chose the biggest most important ones and potted those up into 1 gal containers.

I took a ‘Sungold’ seedling and potted up some ‘One’ seedlings to bring to my cousin. She lives in a foggy area of SF so ‘One’, which was bred for the Bay Area, might do better for her. They’re really tiny right now, though. Hope they survive being potted up.




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