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    04 Jul 2015
    I worked myself to exhaustion today, partly because there’s a lot to do and partly because gardening for 6 hours on a major family holiday helps me pretend that I don’t care that I’ll never participate in the family part of a fam...

    Lily, Asiatic Blooming, Cosmos "Bright Lights" Growing, Beet- Ruby Queen Sprouting, Bee...

    Clear 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-434734?1436029954
    04 Jul 2015
    While I’ve been working for Peterson Garden Project for 6 years now, this year is the first time I’m growing my own plants on one of the sites (main picture). I decided to grow all my tomatoes there to give the soil in my backyard a r...

    Tomato- Black Plum Setting Fruit and Hello!Howard Seed Saving garden

    Clear 27°C / 81°F
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    01 Jul 2015
    There is an exhibition coming up at the Visual Arts Centre called Celebrating Gardens – it is being run in conjunction with the North Columbia Environmental Society’s Garden Tour, which I am not taking part in. However I am putting wor...

    Clear 29°C / 84°F
  • Photo-upload-434647?1435884073
    02 Jul 2015
    June rainfall was 4.5" which sounds like a reasonable amount except it tended to fall in big dollops rather than nicely spread out to save me watering! I seem to have a Stoksia in Drive, nothing in my plantings, could I have bought if from Ni...

    Hemerocallis 'Ruby Stella' Blooming, Hemerocallis 'Stella Supreme' Blooming, Tiger Lily...

    Clear 32°C / 90°F
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    04 Jul 2015
    Usually it’s a matter of finding the warmest, sunniest spot for tomatoes in the hope of getting some fruit. Not this year, I have already moved the zucchini to a more shaded spot, and the tomatoes are all completely flopped in the afternoon ...

    Crinum x powelli Blooming, Permanent Container garden , Lilium Toronto Blooming, Delphi...

  • Photo-upload-434856?1436131243
    05 Jul 2015
    First fistful of green beans, the second pass of carrots sprouted in fairly record time, and I have 9 eggplant babies, which were NOT there yesterday, because I looked. These seem to all be Long Purple. Gonna be sad if I didn’t manage to pla...

    Carrot- Paris Market Sprouting, Eggplant- Long Purple Setting Fruit, and Beans- Slender...

    Clear 23°C / 73°F
  • Photo-upload-434611?1435790616
    01 Jul 2015
    Yesterday I went to have tea, cake (actually it was sour cherry sorbet, much more cooling) and gossip with my gardening friend Diane and took with me another planter fresh from the kiln to join the one she has already. I hear that it is planted up...

    Other people's gardens garden

    Scattered Clouds 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-434921?1436224818
    06 Jul 2015
    High cloud and haze through which the sun is mainly shining, and cooler although hot in the sun. Putting the big tomato pot into a sack of leaves seems to have helped with the heat wilt. I had balanced a pottery bowl on its rim against the front o...

    Tradescantia Sweet Kate Blooming, 9. Drive garden , Hemerocallis Autumn Red Blooming, ...

    Partly Sunny 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-434942?1436242458
    06 Jul 2015
    I watered tonight. I should spray over the top of the rain gauge when I water Shade which might give me some idea of how much the bed is getting although I tend to hold the hose low to water at the base of shrubby plants. I pulled out some wire st...

    Seasonal Container garden , Begonia Picotee on Top Blooming, Seasonal Container garden ...

    Clear 27°C / 81°F