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  • 01 Oct 2015
    I am looking for some advice about planting trees in our back garden. We’ve recently bought a house in an estate and it’s very over looked. Would anyone have any ideas ?

  • 01 Oct 2015
    If I ever get my oomph back I will have pictures again. If I ever get my oomph back maybe I will feel like a gardener again. . . right now I just feel like I am coping with plants and weeds. (and boxes and unfinished baseboard trim and a broken ...

    Thimbleberry Front Door garden and Thimbleberry garden

  • Photo-upload-439148?1444092049
    11 Sep 2015
    My first ever pomegranate harvest!! :D

    Pear 'Keiffer' Harvesting, Pomegranate 'Salavatski' (house side) Harvesting, Zinnia 'Pr...

    Overcast 19°C / 66°F
  • 30 Sep 2015
    Thank gods for newsletters… Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that a nice nursery, not too far away, was clearing out and making space. Once I got there the deal was sweet, 3 reasonable sized plants for 5 euros. So I decided to stock up...

    Front garden

    Clear 12°C / 54°F
  • Photo-upload-438964?1443730041
    30 Sep 2015
    And here it is… embedded in our developing garden. I’m leaning more and more to developing the allotment as a permaculture garden. Time will tell how I can incorporate the principles :-)

    Nut & Genoegen Allotment garden

    Clear 17°C / 63°F
  • Photo-upload-437572?1440782031
    30 Sep 2015
    and a few wooden posts. But Tim has gone to China so it could still take a while….. Waiting; not really very patiently, for my Wisteria Walk

    Over the Fence garden

  • Photo-upload-439073?1444053177
    04 Oct 2015
    On the plan for this week: • Chicken broth made with a mirepoix from garden vegetables (carrots, celery, onions) • Apples sauce from seconds from the farmers market • Jalapeno (grown at home)-pear (farmers market) jelly (probably this year’s...

    Overcast 13°C / 55°F
  • Photo-upload-439088?1444072713
    05 Oct 2015
    My tomatoes are pretty much done. I picked all the ripe ones and selected a few green ones from each plant to ripen in the house. Squash is done too. I left the peppers; they are still doing well in the cooler temps. Herbs are all doing well, ...

    Lisa's Joliet garden

    Overcast 16°C / 61°F
  • Photo-upload-439108?1444075000
    04 Oct 2015
    Why couldn’t today be “Bloom day”? Oh, Why couldn’t today be “Bloom day”? I have so many plants in flower on the balcony that I would love it to be “Bloom day”! I’ve updated my Milestones with ...

    Six Hanging baskets 2 (Yellow) Blooming, Six hanging baskets (Salmon Pink) Blooming, Si...

    Rainy 16°C / 61°F