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    19 Feb 2017
    Day three in a forecasted 10-day warm streak. Over 70 yesterday, today maybe low 60s? Very strange to have mid-Spring weather with no other indication of spring, like robins, or budding/sprouting plants. The snowdrops aren’t even up yet for ...

    Assorted Prairie plants , Currants- 2 varieties , Strawberry , and Gooseberry

    Partly Cloudy 18°C / 64°F
  • 16 Feb 2017
    I took every terracotta pot I own including 2 large strawberry pots, some wrought iron bases & shelves so the herbs are lifted for easy harvesting near the door. This position gets sun most of the day & herbs like peppermint that don̵...

    Sunny 22°C / 72°F
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    18 Feb 2017
    On 10th Feb we began by planting several varieties of vegitables fruit and herbs. After a week hot days of toiling in the garden bed preparing the soil, the watermelon, basil, tomatoes, spring onions, pumpkin, snow peas, eggplant, and mesclun sala...

    Cooroy Vegi Garden garden

    Rainy 27°C / 81°F
  • 19 Feb 2017
    I can’t remember the exact date I started to clean up the gardens. I think it was the first week of February. It has been so warm this year that I’ve been able to get out often and groom the Iris. I started at the NW corner of the g...

    Fog 12°C / 54°F
  • 14 Feb 2017
    daffys blooming in front and back gardens

    Clear 9°C / 48°F
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    17 Feb 2017
    Too bad my town doesn’t pick up yard waste until April. I have been taking advantage of the super mild weather to clean up my gardens. Chopping down spent perennials, pruning and spray painting some yard decor. I have this truck tire that...

    Iris Superstition Sprouting, Iris Sunbridge Sprouting, Iris "Jazz Me Blue" Sprouting, I...

    Clear 19°C / 67°F
  • 17 Feb 2017
    watered all gardens

    Overcast 18°C / 64°F
  • croy1960


    14 Feb 2017
    mowed lawns

    25°C / 77°F
  • 16 Feb 2017
    I bought new potting soil & large pots for ‘Wonderfu’ & ‘Lucy’. The pome is now 4’ & thriving & needed the upgrade. The Lucy is now 3’ & thriving so needed a bigger pot to grow larger. I had ...

    Sunny 22°C / 72°F