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  • 18 Nov 2015
    A few years ago I purchased 2 pears from Woodbridge Fruit Trees in Tasmania, one was a Buerre Hardie and the other a dÁnjou. Now I know they say’’pears are for heirs’’, because they are reasonably slow growing, but after 5 ...

  • 16 Nov 2015
    The plant is a single stem 12" tall with branching starting about 1/2 way up. 11-1-15 it had about 6 pretty flowers that had about 8 white seed pods I collected. They dried & split making about a dozen tiny black seeds. I’ll trade 5...

  • 16 Nov 2015
    I got Rob’s Antique Rose, Wranglers Fargo Outlaw & Sassy Sister. They are coming from around Ruston so should arrive Thursday or Friday.

  • 18 Nov 2015

    Barley Sprouting and Wheat Sprouting

  • 22 Nov 2015
    1. the lavender didn’t germinate- putting another round of seeds in the fridge for stratification 2. sowed some white clover and it’s already starting to sprout! 3. marigold is doing gorgeously! 4. the basil’s growing slowly...

    Sweet Basil , Marigold , and Desktop garden

  • Photo-upload-440161?1448251687
    22 Nov 2015
    “2:55 PM PST Sunday 22 November 2015 Snowfall warning in effect for: West Columbia Snowfall, with total amounts of 10 to 15 cm is expected. Snow will fall starting overnight and continue Monday. The snow will be caused by a clash of air mass...

    Sprouts Harvesting, Christmas Rose , Winter garden , Winter garden , Winter garden ,...

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  • 20 Nov 2015
    The Basil are sprouting in my little greenhouse. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for them to grow bigger and use them with my tomatoes I’m growing.

    Sweet Basil and Windowsill garden

  • 01 Oct 2015

    Cilantro Flowering