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    15 Aug 2018
    I never seem to get the badge, but I do have the blooms!

    Liatris Blooming, Phlox Blooming, Begonias Blooming, Hydrophyllum Blooming, Canterbury ...

    Mostly Cloudy 25°C / 77°F
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    11 Aug 2018
    Gonna be sorry tomorrow, but I got some serious hardscaping/maintenance done today. Just one more really major bit left—finishing the brick edging on the driveway, but I’ll wait til next month for that to give my body time to recover. ...

    Alley and side front garden and The Savory bed and Gangway garden

    Scattered Clouds 24°C / 75°F
  • Photo-upload-467507?1534019426
    12 Aug 2018
    Is there anything more magical than harvesting potatoes? This is about 1/4 of them. Darn, harvested the purples a good two weeks too early. There are about 20-25 of them but very small. I left several under an inch diameter in the ground, so I sho...

    Potatoes- red Harvesting and Potatoes- volunteer purple Harvesting

    Scattered Clouds 24°C / 75°F
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    14 Aug 2018
    Some tomatoes I haven’t journaled in a while: 1. Kellogg’s Breakfast, about 3-5 days from ripe 2. Paul Robeson, ditto 3. Red Pear, I think. I don’t remember them being fluted. Also they’re the only blighty one in the garden...

    Tomato- Red Pear , Tomato- Paul Robeson , Tomato- Kellogg's Breakfast , Tomato- Xan's K...

    Partly Cloudy 24°C / 75°F
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    16 Aug 2018
    I have foxglove seeds in my hair again. The shade bed has a lot of white. Hardy cyclamen blooming, saxifrage (still!), columbine, anemone japonica, love in a mist, that tall lily.

    Thimbleberry Front Door garden , Anemone japonica 'alba' 1 Blooming, and saxifrage Blo...

  • Photo-upload-467492?1534009379
    11 Aug 2018
    “3:57 AM PDT Saturday 11 August 2018 Special weather statement in effect for: West Columbia Significant change in weather today… Thunderstorms are expected to develop today as an approaching upper low brings moisture and instability fr...

    Red Hemerocallis Blooming, Seasonal Container garden , Rose Flower Carpet Yellow Bloom...

    Smoke 22°C / 72°F
  • Photo-upload-467479?1533997736
    05 Aug 2018
    Two Questions: Are the orchid roots rotting? I repotted the orchid a year and a half ago with repotme’s Phalaenopsis Dark Classic Orchid Mix. Ever since I did that, most of the roots died. And any new roots that went into the substrate would...

    Moth orchid 'Little Lady' Repotted and Apartment garden

    29°C / 85°F
  • Photo-upload-467481?1533998048
    10 Aug 2018
    I was so excited when two pairs of leaves started to grow during May and June. Sadly…only one pair survived. I think it could be that it doesn’t receive enough sunlight for it to support two pairs of leaves. This current pair of leaves...

    Living stone

    29°C / 85°F