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  • Photo-upload-468579?1544460997
    09 Dec 2018
    First time to grow raddishes.. unsure how they would behave. I sowed them in the same pot as another variety of raddishes and I used the seeds sparingly. Luckily they sprouted nicely but I kind of wish I spaced them out a bit more. I thought raddi...

    Organic Radish Icicle Short Top Showing True Leaves and Study Room & Jenna’s balcony Ga...

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  • Photo-upload-468577?1544459984
    09 Dec 2018
    And I wasn’t too thrilled with the smell.. they used to be more cinnamony before..

    Cinnamon Basil Harvesting and Study Room & Jenna’s balcony Gardens garden

    Clear 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-468589?1544490195
    10 Dec 2018
    The last snowfall had almost disappeared from the valley bottom but last night when I went to bed I was snowing. The forecast is for snow, snow, snow and possibly rain, and more snow. Before the snowblower got going, I took some photographs of the...

    Sedum 'Autumn Joy' , Berberis 'Rose Glow' , Berberis 'Concorde' , Beyond the Pale garde...

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  • Photo-upload-468542?1543847307
    12 Dec 2018
    I got asked this question a couple of days ago by @newbee, and I never really thought about it from her perspective (she lives in Abu Dhabi). I do often marvel at the year-round gardening that happens among all my Zone 8-10 follows, which range fr...

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  • Photo-upload-468606?1544657945
    12 Dec 2018
    Xan gives some answers; here are mine from even further north Zone 5 where the days are even shorter. We wait for the seed and flower catalogues to come thumping into our mail boxes, we pore over the journals of gardeners from warmer climes, we re...

    Phalaenopsis Twin Little Yellow Blooming, Phalaenopsis Twin Little Pink Blooming, Amary...

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  • Photo-upload-468558?1544430877
    09 Dec 2018
    Some flowers have hardened off and haven’t turned into tomatoes. Why? This plant has become so tall. The top part isn’t getting any sun anymore. Can’t be moved.

    Tomato Flowering and Saalah (Living Room) Balcony Garden garden

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  • Photo-upload-468560?1544442782
    09 Dec 2018
    This eggplant was planted from seed as part of a gardening refresher course I have taken. The leaves were doing strange things.. twisting a complete 180 so that the bottom of the leaf is top. I am waiting to see what it does next. I repotted the p...

    Eggplant Growing and Saalah (Living Room) Balcony Garden garden

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  • Photo-upload-468561?1544443063
    09 Dec 2018
    After shedding all of its flowers, now it just sits that looking pretty.

    Pepper Damaged and Saalah (Living Room) Balcony Garden garden

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  • Photo-upload-468562?1544443228
    09 Dec 2018
    I thought this thing would have a lot more leaves before it decides to flower!

    Squash early prolific Flowering and Study Room & Jenna’s balcony Gardens garden

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