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    19 Mar 2017
    I have five 4×8 foot beds, and one 2×8 foot. I would like to add several more narrow beds; for asparagus and my fruit bushes. Those will have to wait until the fence is built and I figure out how to do this on my drastically reduced inco...

    The Farm garden

    Overcast 11°C / 52°F
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    19 Mar 2017
    Gardening? It may be a stretch of the imagination with most of the garden looking like #1 & 2, but today was just too nice to be indoors so I untied the Juniper Moonglow and put its twinkly stars away. Then I moved the Juniper squamata off the...

    Snow crocus Whitewell Purple Budding, Snow crocus 'Tricolour' Budding, Snowdrops Bloomi...

    Scattered Clouds 7°C / 45°F
  • 19 Mar 2017
    Could not wait to get a jump on spring. Having pulled out one of my earthboxes I decided this was the year to try peas. Planted a row of Snap Peas Cascadia.Pisum sativum. These peas take about 58 days until harvest. They are three inches long and...

    Partly Sunny 8°C / 46°F
  • 16 Mar 2017
    The weather has thrown my planting out of whack, as I should have expected. The seedlings that were started in the greenhouse starter kit appear to be doing well other than some basic white mold which I caught immediately and was able to kill with...

    Starter Tray garden

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  • 18 Mar 2017
    Here’s a great idea to keep the “bower” for the birds by the creek. Replace the privet with elderberry plants! Birds love the fruit, nice full shape, fast growing, not invasive, like wet feet….

    Clear 11°C / 52°F
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    18 Mar 2017
    I have five 4×8 and one 2×8 12" deep beds to fill. Today I got the narrow one and one of the large ones done with soil from a friend who moved. Took about 1/2 CY, transported in plastic storage bins in my little sedan. My back and p...

    Seed starting 2017 garden

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  • 18 Mar 2017
    cooked maple sap saturday ethan and I did got 6 pint…total should have cooked little longer it not quite as good as 2016 stuff….

    4°C / 40°F
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    16 Mar 2017
    I am not sure how I managed to overlook flower buds on the Hoya yesterday but I did. There are 3 sets of flower buds in different stages of development. I think that the weather station for Folia must be halfway up a mountain, it has a reading of ...

    Hoya Budding

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  • Photo-upload-453710?1489802924
    17 Mar 2017
    Phil took the trimmer to the Red Trumpet Honeysuckle.

    Honeysuckle Red Trumpet and Magnolia garden

    Partly Cloudy 21°C / 70°F