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    15 Aug 2017
    I went into the garden with small hopes of finding much in the way of blooms other than the giant Scheherazade lilies and the Casablanca lilies. Of course it is no longer the massive bloom fest of June and July but there are quite a lot of flowers...

    Peppermint Blooming, Heather 'Spring Cream' Blooming, Clematis Mme. Julia Correvon Bloo...

    Smoke 22°C / 72°F
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    11 Aug 2017
    STILL looking for employment. Month number 8 and 25 interviews so far. I feel I’m almost at the end and I will find the right thing soon. Aside from that, been very busy working in the yard. Daily harvesting of veggies and I once again, o...

    Lisa's Joliet garden

    Partly Cloudy 23°C / 73°F
  • Photo-upload-459426?1502675132
    13 Aug 2017
    Can they be saved? I would appriciate help. One might too late but any tips to save the other ones would be appreciated. I did put the indoor insecticidal soap from schulzt a few days ago hoping it would work but i think they hide in the new growth.

    Rock plants Dying and Windowsill garden

    0°C / 32°F
  • Photo-upload-459435?1502747583
    14 Aug 2017
    Have opened. I was waiting, and watching the large bulbs swell and whiten, and here they are. Just lovely with that faint violet edge. The dahlia that was given to me in July, which I planted out in a hurry because of the heat, is almost dead fr...

  • Photo-upload-459506?1502981489
    16 Aug 2017
    I’ve sold six drawings, meaning I’m able to afford rebar to stabilize the raised beds and granite pavers, plus I bought this little mermaid that I’ve had my eye on, who really really really wanted to live in my garden, and got th...

    Overcast 27°C / 81°F
  • Photo-upload-459441?1502769910
    12 Aug 2017
    The temperature was 30C by 2:30pm and then started slowly and steadily dropping. The valley was filled with smoke, one of the worst days yet, but with the falling temperature the sky became clearer and cloudy. I disturbed a Robin in the back garde...

    9. Drive garden , Hybrid Oriental Lily 'Scheherazade' Blooming, and Helenium Ruby Tue...

    Smoke 30°C / 86°F
  • 14 Aug 2017
    Fertilizing today: Abiu, Peanut Butter Fruit, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, Gardenia, Lemon, Sapote, Malabar Chestnut, Lipstick Palm, Plumeria, Cardamom.

  • Photo-upload-459438?1502754813
    14 Aug 2017
    Looks nice

    3 Coleus , 3 Coleus , and Vintage wood planter box garden

    Partly Cloudy 23°C / 73°F
  • Photo-upload-459439?1502755039
    14 Aug 2017
    Love this planter

    3 white lobilia and 3 pot standing planter garden

    Clear 23°C / 73°F