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    01 Feb 2016
    I can’t believe it’s 2016 already! I have to admit that the last couple of years have been very challenging and difficult for various (mostly personal) reasons. Hopefully all that is behind me now and I can move forward into the future...

    Partly Cloudy 11°C / 52°F
  • 01 Feb 2016
    I started all from leaves since May 30, 2015. NOTE: These are just forming tiny buds: Starry Night Blue, Sunkissed Rose, Sky Azure, Leprechaun Daydream, a 2nd L’heure Bleu & my original Sun Sizzle. Most are in intermediate styrofoam c...

    Partly Sunny 21°C / 70°F
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    31 Jan 2016
    This is a mild winter here in Florida zone 9 and I have adventured to put my seeds in the ground even some that I have waited a while longer in the past. I just prepared a bed in the backyard garden and put pumpkin seeds in it. It will take abou...

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  • 01 Feb 2016
    Not sure if the rainbow parsley has survived a duck onslaught. Baby Birdie managed to reach over the planter basket cover and get her thin little neck in amongst the supposedly protected water plants. She had a great feast on brahmi, rainbow pars...

    Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Growing, Duckweed Consumed, Papyrus, Dwarf Growing, Waterl...

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    02 Feb 2016
    I have had a few of my old Amaryllis hybrids flower so far this year & now my third Red Amaryllis to bloom in 2016 is finished. I took off the last dried up flower this morning, 2nd February 2016, & then moved the pot back into the kitchen...

    Amaryllis hybrids at home during 2016 Dying and Balcony 2016 garden

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  • 31 Jan 2016
    The owners of Bannister Gardens in Missouri has retired last fall. They offered their peonies at half price off. I ordered: White Cap Red Grace Coral N Gold Angelo Cobb Freeborn Martha Bulloch Carol Circus Circus Lord Cavin Spiffy Chocolate Soldi...

  • 31 Jan 2016

    onion Guardsman Sprouting and Starter Place garden

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  • 31 Jan 2016
    These have surprised me today as I see a lot of them sprouting. Hope to have better luck with these as my thyme are very short lived perennials that last only at the most three years.

    Thyme ProEasy Sprouting and Starter Place garden

    Mostly Cloudy 14°C / 57°F
  • 28 Jan 2016

    Carolina Reaper Sprouting

    Sunny 30°C / 86°F