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  • Photo-upload-439148?1444092049
    10 Sep 2015
    My first ever pomegranate harvest!! :D

    Pear 'Keiffer' Harvesting, Pomegranate 'Salavatski' (house side) Harvesting, Zinnia 'Pr...

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  • Photo-upload-434111?1435173395
    08 Oct 2015
    Three beds ready Over the Fence

    Over the Fence garden and Everything's Coming Up Roses garden

  • 06 Oct 2015
    After my doubts of yesterday morning, in the afternoon I went to water and to my surprise there was 4 radish up and 2 sweet corn, of course being so excited I had to call my children out to see what their hard work of moving the soil had led to. I...

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    05 Oct 2015
    Had to repair the sweeper, so only swept three loads today. Used the lawnmower to blow the leaves into the enclosure made with the material from the trampoline. It worked good to remove the mulch plate and blow the leaves into the enclosure, becau...

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  • Photo-upload-439172?1444227294
    06 Oct 2015
    I went on my usual tour of the yard and I found all of these flowers. The first I cut was the hydrangea which is turned green. Then I saw the lilies that smell so sweet. So I went hunting for more. This is what it looks like from all angles.

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  • Photo-upload-439311?1444755432
    12 Oct 2015
    I see I have never updated this plant I have had for many years! Probably because there is little to be said about it! The original plant continues in the same place in the kitchen, near the window. It has never been moved since I put it there get...

    Spider Plant Blooming and Home garden

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  • 04 Oct 2015
    While waiting for the leaves to fall, decided it would be a good day to blend some potting mix. Added leaf mold, home made compost, inoculated biochar, chicken manure, lime, Epson salt, and 10-10-10 and used the mini Honda tiller to blend everythi...

    Mostly Cloudy 9°C / 48°F
  • 05 Oct 2015
    Used a drop off piece of vinyl flooring to cover the concrete, under the canning shelf, in the garage to store fourteen sand bags with potting mix. This should keep any bad stuff from entering the mix from the concrete? The reason for storing the...

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  • Photo-upload-439242?1444502818
    10 Oct 2015
    I get up with a headache and a sore throat; the forecast is for heavy rain and thunderstorms – altogether great! So what do I do, retire back to bed? No I leap on my bike and pedal furiously down to the Farmers’ Market to get fruit and...

    Crazy for You rose Blooming, Rosa Flower Carpet Coral var Noala Blooming, Seasonal Cont...

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