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    08 Feb 2016
    I liked @Rainymountain’s reference to my grass mowing as a marathon, so that name has stuck. From now on I only have mowing marathons. I managed to get the ride-on mower out on Tuesday last and intended to mow all the long grass out front o...

    [09] Fruit Tree and Food garden

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  • 08 Feb 2016
    Nearly 100% of my sowing have sproutly so quickly and violently it’s unreal. I was out of town overnight. When I came home tonight I saw where my thickly sown onions are literally picking up the layer of potting mix that they were buried und...

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  • 29 Jan 2016
    Had the arborist from Archie"s Gardenland out to assess my 2 front tree for trimming. The garbage trucks were raking some of the lowers limbs and Code Compliance has already ripped a branch out. She said they look pretty good. No borer action...

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  • 04 Feb 2016
    Ordered 4 varieties in January. The Mackinac Grand Belleville Jean Ericksen Rozella Added 5 more this morning. Hermione Marietta Sisson Vivid Rose Dresden Pink Red Satin

  • 04 Feb 2016
    Ordered 4 varieties last month. Hot Chocolate Cora Stubbs Carnation Bouquet Species tenuifolia flore plena rubra

  • 04 Feb 2016

    Brussels Sprout "Oven Roaster" , Indoor Garden garden , and Brussels Sprout "Oven Roas...

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  • 05 Feb 2016
    This was a test as it should be too early here to start beans. It has been quite warm and the seedlings are doing really good.

    Scarlet Runner Beans Sprouting and Front Yard Raised Beds garden

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  • 04 Feb 2016

    Eggplant 'Japanese Long Purple' Flowering

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  • 05 Feb 2016
    Once again, my garden plan is rather aggressive. Every year I say that I’m going to downsize and it ends up the complete opposite! I think i have it all worked out though. 1. I have this old compost pile surrounded by found concrete blocks...

    Lisa's Joliet garden

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