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    17 Apr 2018
    The last few weeks have seen a lot of allotment activity from my side. The wishlist for this year included four new raised beds for growing cut flowers. Realising these took some effort, but now they are completely finished and ready for sowing an...

    Nut & Genoegen Allotment garden

    Clear 20°C / 68°F
  • 31 Mar 2018

    Gloriosa Lily Showing True Leaves and Hanging baskets garden

  • Photo-upload-463712?1523903295
    15 Apr 2018
    I am thoroughly frustrated at this weather, as are many others in my region. Spent the weekend putting up my pop up greenhouse, but could not put up the plastic cover because of 40+ wind gusts. Hoping to get this thing all done this week, so I ...

    Lisa's Joliet garden

    Overcast 1°C / 34°F
  • Photo-upload-463850?1524266654
    20 Apr 2018
    Is this what they call “Spring”? It’s so oddly warm and sunny! We could call the month “April” instead PLEASELORDMAKETHEWINTERSTOPNOW. Anyway, low 50s, bright sun, I ran errands and forgot a coat and I was a little ch...

    Catmint Sprouting, Peas- Tom Thumb , Cosmos- Double Click , Swiss chard- Ruby Red , Cha...

    Clear 11°C / 52°F
  • 20 Apr 2018
    Got through a bunch of task list stuff— topped off two more of the raised beds (1 to go), set up pea supports, made some potting soil and filled a few pots (no plants yet). I planted out the dwarf pear I got to make up for the one that I pla...

    Overcast 10°C / 50°F
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    12 Apr 2018
    It’s been a long, drawn out, winter here in Edmonton. Temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below normal at times, lots of snow (rather than rain). There’s still tons of snow on the ground and it’s got me feeling like spring will never...

    Tomato 'Prairie Fire' Showing True Leaves, Tomato 'Zomu' Showing True Leaves, Tomato 'K...

    Partly Cloudy 4°C / 39°F
  • Photo-upload-463637?1523805128
    15 Apr 2018
    Despite several chilly grey days, I was all prepared to say what a difference there was in the garden between March bloom day and today… Hah! I woke this morning to the largest snow flakes I have ever seen covering the 5 kinds of Snow Crocus, mas...

    Streptocarpus Blooming and Garden garden

    Snow 2°C / 36°F
  • Shikasta


    12 Apr 2018
    I picked about 1kg of the fruit and simmered half of it for half an hour in sugar water. The compote came out a bit like toffee but is very nice.

    Orange tree Harvesting and Indoors garden

  • 13 Apr 2018
    still have not gotten pond running fish still inside on garage and ethans room. have nothing in green house yet.

    -1°C / 30°F