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  • 10 Feb 2016
    We’ve got peppers! Something from the garden!! Our Garden!!! I’d take all credit, except it wouldn’t have happened without B&F clearing the original vegie garden area and following through with it. I might have built the broa...

    Messmate Farm garden

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  • Photo-upload-441383?1454902470
    07 Feb 2016
    I liked @Rainymountain’s reference to my grass mowing as a marathon, so that name has stuck. From now on I only have mowing marathons. I managed to get the ride-on mower out on Tuesday last and intended to mow all the long grass out front o...

    [09] Fruit Tree and Food garden

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  • 08 Feb 2016
    Nearly 100% of my sowing have sproutly so quickly and violently it’s unreal. I was out of town overnight. When I came home tonight I saw where my thickly sown onions are literally picking up the layer of potting mix that they were buried und...

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  • 01 Feb 2016
    I kept this one as mine & may have another that’s smaller. It has the most unusual colorings on it’s 7 or 8 small but healthy leaves. Shades of olive green, beige and a brownish taupe. It looks great wick-ed in a teacup with birds ...

    African violet 'Frosty Bubbles' (Keep) Showing True Leaves and East Window garden

  • 01 Jan 2016

    East Window garden

  • 03 Feb 2016
    It’s a neat show plant but the white flowers are very small & plain so I may send it to Joan to adopt.

    African Violet 'Louise Croteau' Flowering and East Window garden

  • 01 Dec 2015
    Gave last one in a trade about Nov. 2015 I prefer Zoe

    East Window garden

  • 01 Jan 2016

    East Window garden

  • 01 Nov 2015
    I only have one large plant left as mine.

    African Violet 'Sansoucy Julie Marie' Repotted and East Window garden