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Tillandsia/Air plants

Is anyone into or have air plants here?

Posted 14 days ago

Im back after a long hiatus from Folia (7 years roughly).

Way back then, I tried to get into Tillandsia’s by starting off with a starter pack of about 30 plants for $100. Not sure what I did wrong, but all but one of them died. After virtually ignoring my greenhouse for 18 months, I went down the other day to start fresh, and it looks like that one is still limping along, although it looks rather pale.

Seem to be my problem with a lot of plants though, I kill them with kindness. The ones I ignore become weeds. Hopefully a fresh star5 now my kids have their own lives will let me get a bit more systematic in my care,and once the standard vege garden is up and running, I can give Tillandsias and Carnivorous plants (my other wishlist) another try.

Posted 11 days ago

I ended up killing my first few when I started which was super disappointing. Everyone was saying how can you do that they are the plant u can’t kill? They are one off easiest to take care of. I can assure you they are not. I now have around 150 and started a business selling different pieces of art with the air plants as the center of attention. I still find certain species and me just don’t get along and they die with me no matter what and the rest are just fine so they each have their own personality lol.

Posted 11 days ago

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