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Are you familiar with self-watering plants?

We bought a house in Mississauga. The main attraction of our house is its garden. The owner of the house charged for the plants in the garden. There are several imported plants in the garden. My husband hired a landscaping service and built a landscape. On the whole, our garden is amazing. My husband is a businessman and I own a baking shop. We both don’t get enough time to water the plants and maintain the landscape. We came to know about self-watering plants. For self-watering, we use containers that have an inner pot that holds the plant and soil. There is an outer pot or bottom reservoir that holds extra water. A wick joins the two and pulls water up into the root ball. It will be helpful for those people who are busy with their works and still interested in gardening. I am sharing this information for people like me. We can water the garden when you are away. It is very useful for working people. I had bought self-watering containers in my home. Even if I forget to water plants for one or two days, I need not worry. The only disadvantage is that self-water plants are it is recommended for small-scale gardening.

Posted 23 days ago

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