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I was bored tonight and I’m checking out some container garden sites. I thought I’d post some links here of the ones that interested me so you guys can check them out too. Some are useful, some are pretty, some are weird. Maybe we can keep this as an ongoing thread any time we come across an interesting container site?

Sunset’s 37 Cool Container Gardens
These are flower containers.

WASPkid Diaries
I enjoyed reading this because he was like me: new to gardening, and scavenging whatever container he could find. He hasn’t blogged in 6 months, but I enjoyed it anyway. Start here for the oldest posts and work your way through the newer ones. Or, here are the relevant posts.
My Redneck NASCAR Container Garden
Redneck Container Garden Update
Redneck Frost Protection
Spaghetti Westerns and the Redneck Container Garden
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Spring in the Redneck Garden
The Redneck Garden Contain Version 2.0
Rapid Growth in the Redneck Garden
Are We There Yet?
Just a Little Bit Longer Kidz
Puttin Down Some Roots

Recession Gardens – 10 Easy Herbs and Vegetables You Can Grow at Home to Save Money

Healthy Meals for Under $1 from the (Sub)Urban Garden

6 Combinations for Edible Container Gardens

Life on the Balcony
Did not fully browse this yet, but I am definitely going to! Also, check out the Gardening Bookshelf on the right side. I’m going to have to check some of those out.
Another one that looks good. I am going to browse it fully later.

Ok, now I have to go look up some of those books. Hope you guys have some good sites for me to ogle!

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Here’s one that may be informtive:
Container Gardening

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I will have to check out the REcession gardens one. That is part of the reason that we grow veggies to start with. I grew herbs last year, and even with our move was able to dry enough herbs to get us through the winter and then some, and herbs are expensive! Not to mention tomatoes and all of the product that we buy at the store that have tomatoes in them. So those are my favorite cost cutters. :)

Posted about 7 years ago

Thanks, Bernieh, I’ll check that out.

I am definitely hoping my garden will help cut costs in the coming seasons. Since I am just starting I am having to buy soil and such, so it is not really cost effective this season. But it will be!

Fruit Trees
This is an example of someone’s container garden. I knew you could grow fruit trees in containers, but didn’t realize the would produce fruit at such a small size. I had ruled it out before, but now…maybe. Also had not heard of “root pruning” before.

Edible and Pretty Container Gardens
Has some suggestions as to which varieties to choose.

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Thanks guys. Bookmarked.

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Wow thanks for the one stop shopping!

Posted about 7 years ago

The Life on the Balcony website is now one of my faves!

How to Grow Peaches/Nectarines in a Pot
Peaches are my favorite fruit! I like the cultivar recommendations.

Three Reasons You Should Not Save Seeds from Fruit
Not really container-related, but interesting nonetheless.

How to Make an Upside Down Tomato Planter
One of the better instructions I’ve seen.

Urban Garden Planter
Salivating over this planter. Looks like a good use of resources, being able to plant so many thing with minimal lumber and soil.

Hang-a-Pot Hidden Plant Hangers

Plants That Every Balcony Gardener Needs
To attract or repel insect. Apparently I need some dill before the aphids get too rampant in my strawberries.

Posted about 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing all the great websites.

I can thoroughly recommend Life on the Balcony too – has been a favourite for a long time. You may also find these useful:

ABC Gardening Fact Sheets – Pots and small gardens – huge range of topics and related videos.

Container Gardening – Articles on the pros and cons of various pots; tips and lots of photos. Plus you can download a free eBook on Small Gardens with frugal gardening tips and lots of ideas for container gardening.

Repurposed Containers – Inspiring photos and creative ideas of what other gardeners are salvaging or reusing as garden planters.

Here are some of the most useful books from my home library on container gardening that you may want to borrow from the library:

  • The Edible Container Garden: Fresh food from tiny spaces by Michael Guerra – a focus on growing food in containers
  • Balcony Gardening in Small Spaces by Helen Young – lots of plant suggestions for different types of garden spaces
  • Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes & Containers by David Joyce – great colour pictures and planting projects

Keep the ideas coming!

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This is a great thread, folks! I just got a new job offer and I think on the day I sign my contract I’m gonna buy myself a peach tree for a container. Most stuff I am finding to be no problem, but I’m wary of the issues in growing trees in containers.

Posted about 7 years ago

Hi Angelchrome

Suggest you try a dwarf peach tree variety or dwarf variety of other fruit and citrus trees which tend to grow much better in pots than their larger cousins.

I’ve grown fruit trees in pots with no problems because I give lots of love to the soil and make sure the plants are located in the right position for their needs. It’s also important to choose the right pot to suit the plant and your situation.

You will find some excellent information on Fruit Trees for Small Gardens at Green Harvest.

Hope this helps.

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Our local nursery has a variety on dwarf rootstock that is supposed to perform reasonably in containers that I’ve been eyeing for a couple weeks. I grew citrus successfully in a container, but peaches are kinda finicky in this climate. I hate to spend much on any single plant, which is why I’ve been reluctant to commit to it.

Posted about 7 years ago

All of these originated from following links from Life on the Balcony

5 Ways to Beautiful and Productive Balcony Gardens

How to Clone Your Herbs

Lilies in Pots: Big Impact, Little Commitment

Ark of Taste Container Friendly Plants

Growing Mini Basil Windowbox’

Then I saw something about a container water garden, and started looking stuff up about that. These look awesome. Not something I am going to attempt anytime soon, but I can dream…

Container Water Gardening
Water Gardening
Google Images ‘container water garden’

Posted about 7 years ago

Mobile Veggie Garden Instructable
Check out the “Related Posts” on the right side. Some of those are cool, too.

Spring Container Gardening Guide – LotB

5 Plants You Can Use to Add Privacy to Your Balcony – LotB

Worlds Strongest Flower Pouch
I want this for strawberries! Great price.

“A place to connect with and buy from specialty nurseries and independent garden centers.”

The Cutest ‘How To’ in the Whole Wide World
Mini flower arranging.

3 Potted Plant Problems – How to Recognize and Fix Them – LotB

3 Insects You Should Never Kill – LotB

From LotB: 3 articles on growing flowers for cutting in containers:
Cutting Flowers in a Container Garden
More Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Own Cutting Garden Containers
Getting the Most Out of Your Cutting Garden

Posted about 7 years ago

A ridiculous amount of Life on the Balcony articles here. I’m done reading all the back posts, though, so hopefully I won’t inundate you again.

15 Great Plants to Refresh Indoor Air

Herbs and Vegetables You Can Grow on Shadier Balconies
Edibles You Can Grow in Shade
Great Fruit to Grow in the Shade or Part Shade
Several more posts on gardening in a shady area here

How to Grow Jasmine Indoors

A Moon Garden on Your Balcony
She doesn’t really mention many night-blooming flowers here. I saw this book in Barnes and Noble yesterday, though, and it looks pretty cool. The Twilight Garden

5 Easy Flowers for Container Gardeners

Easy-to-Grow Roses for Container Gardens

Rose Container Ideas for Windy Balcony Gardens

Dwarf Plant Varieties to Satisfy the Container Gardener

How to Grow Corn in a Container

Plants for Container Gardening That You Can’t Live Without
Six Plants You Can’t Live Without

My Top 10 Coleus

Butterfly Bush Made for Balcony Gardeners

What You Need to Know Before Buying Potting Soil

Grow Onion Breath on Your Balcony

Japanese Maples That Work Great in Containers

That is the end of my Life on the Balcony posts. Sorry if that annoyed anyone, but there are so many great articles there. Now I can finally move on the reading another blog. :)

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I started keeping a Journal entry of my links which you can find here, I will keep updating as I go so check back!

Posted about 7 years ago

That’s a great idea; thanks!

Posted about 7 years ago

Dwarf Lavenders

Build a Salad Table or Box

Clever Plant Container Ideas

Not specifically container related, but I am really digging learning about saving seeds from Mr. Brown Thumb! Lots of specific examples with great videos and pictures, and from those you can learn to collect seeds from other plants.

Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade Defined for the Container Gardener

Posted about 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing the links….it will keep me busy :)

Posted about 7 years ago

If anyone is interested in or has Hippeastrums in containers…my sites:

Sandra :)

Posted about 7 years ago

That’s great thanks

Posted about 6 years ago

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