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Gogosar red ruffled peppers. Help and advice.

I am trying to grow these romanian peppers from seed for the third time. Persistence is a virtue but dreaming about peppers borders on the obsessive I’ve found.

I have a heated propogator and a poly tunnel but I don’t have any luck with these seeds. The seeds appear to be okay. The expiry is 2013 so there’s some time. The picture on the seed packet haunts me!!!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for pepper chilli seed germination that might help me.

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Maybe time of year matters. It’s a bit late to be starting?
In my meagre experience, pepper seeds germinate very well when kept really damp – wet! And warm. Heated propagator is a good idea. Where did the seeds come from? x

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When I started my pepper seeds, it took around 30 days for me to get some real sprouts. I also think the heat of the pepper makes it take longer to germinate. For example, bell peppers are not spicy so they perhaps sprout faster than a jalapeno, and a habanero would take longer than either.

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Yes it is late in the year to start and to be honest my determination to perfect the method over rides the question of how to keep them alive should anything happen. So we’re on the yearning learning curve.
30 days for germination is what I expect as well but I’ve read that some pepper chilli heads soak seeds in water, soak seeds in a very diluted solutuon of bleach for a short time to soften the seed before sowing. I am hoping that folia members might come up with some sure fire methods.

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The seeds come from my friends mother in law in the post. 3 packets. She was hopeful.

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Oh, is there good humidity? I believe that helps. I’ve not heard of bleaching so I’ll watch this as I enjoy growing peppers. I think I have 11 varieties in the garden now. :P

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I grew over 800 pepper plants from seed this year. There’s no real trick to it, and the seeds have no idea what month it is, except it is a little late to get a decent harvest before cold weather sets in. I start seeds in multi-cell tray inserts and keep the trays wet and warm. I did a photo-tutorial on Greenhouse Tips – Starting Seeds Inside that covers the subject pretty thoroughly.

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Hotwired has it down pat. Loads of great info in his posts. Definitely read them.

You may want to put some of the seeds in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, then keep that in the freezer. Your seeds will last twenty years or more if you do that. That should be plenty of time to figure out how to sprout them. ;)

One last trick that may help ~ soak them overnight in a weak nitrogen fertilizer solution. This is a method that works at times to help very old seeds germinate, so maybe it’ll help you, too, even though your seeds aren’t old?

Posted about 6 years ago

Superb advice. I am very grateful for the replies. Those hotwired peppers look fantastic.
I got some tips from a book called The Complete Chilli Pepper Book by DeWitt and Bosland.

Twenty years is all it will take to figure this one out.

Susie Q would weak nitrogen fertilizer solution be a diluted liquid tomato feed? Or sulphate of ammonia which is the nitrogen I overdosed my cabbages with? They have outer leaves like elephant ears now.

Posted about 6 years ago

Nitrogen is good, but sometime a balance on NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) along with micro nutrients will do better overall. Nitrogen is mainly for foliage growth and health, phosphorous for root development and blossoming, and potassium for fruiting and general plant health. It’s a lot more complicated than that, with all the inter-relationships, including Ph. I tend to be a bit anal about plant nutrition and feeding schedules & formulas. There’s a post on each element and how it affects the plant, as well as deficiencies and symptoms. It’s pretty detailed, though pretty simplistic based on the reality of plant nutrition. I’m not sure anyone fully understands it.

Posted about 6 years ago

I think the sulphate of ammonia is just nitrogen, right? That’s what I read would work ~ specifically “a weak nitrogen solution”. I haven’t tried this yet, just came across the info on an heirloom seed forum as a way to resurrect old seeds. The person who gave the info was pretty well experienced in it, so I that info stuck in my brain. And just to clarify, I’m talking about soaking the seeds in it just overnight or for a few hours before sowing.

Hotwired, is that what you’re talking about, too? Just soaking the seeds overnight in a solution with all three macros? I agree that it’s best to feed a plant all three and then some (can’t forget those micronutrients like iron, magnesium, etc.), but hadn’t heard about soaking old seeds in all three.

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Hello, Hotwired is on the spot with great info. as always. This place has great info. You may want to just do a germination check on like 10 seeds. I am growing a few hard to start varieties and funny enough gave up on a Giant Jalapeno !! Sometimes it is good to start a jalapeno in the same medium just to verify whats going on. One more thing since your season is drawing to a close starting in the overwintering container may be something to consider to avoid disturbing the roots. Good Luck !

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Wow… That post on starting peppers is incredible. A lot of info there. Great Info, thanks Danny. Usually I find several things that I feel are just plain wrong (at least in my opinion) in every article I read. That was pretty much perfect info, especially about Not starting peppers in peat. They recommended heating pads for maintaining soil temp, where I prefer an electric blanket for closer control, plus I can germinate 8 trays at a time.

I have to agree with your suggestion on starting in an large over0wintering pot to extend your season or overwinter. Peppers are perennial and have a lifespan of about 8 years. They’re tropical plants that grow 6-8 feet tall if allowed to mature. We tend to grow them as Annuals because of our winters.

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Ref`nutrition I have purchased a product called Chilli Focus which has the right NPK for chilli/peppers available on the net and from all good retailers.

I used it for the first time last Sunday and the peppers -whose name I have forgotten but they,re Italian bell peppers beginning with ‘T’-have doubled in size!

The danny 919 eco seeds site is excellent thank you.

Posted about 6 years ago

Would just like to increase my ‘excellent’ rating for the eco seeds site from danny to ‘totally excellent from start to finish’

Thanks very much.

Posted about 6 years ago

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