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Looking for hints on growing Lamb's Ears (Lamb's Tails)

I received seeds for Stachys in the mail from a friend.
Most of what I’ve seen on propagation of Lamb’s Ears discusses Root division.

I know they don’t like wet feet….

What else can you tell me about growing them, with particular emphasis of course, on starting from seed.

Should I start them indoors and then transplant? I find that easier to do when it’s a plant I’m not familiar with as it means I don’t accidentally ‘weed’ out what I’m trying to grow. But perhaps they are not easily transplanted?

And if starting indoors, should I use soil-less medium, or would standard potting soil or good ole garden clay work? I start all my own veggies, and have for some 25 years, but I know that some plants don’t care for soil-less, which is why I ask this.

What about spacing of plants in the garden?

Thanks for any and all replies.

Posted about 9 years ago

I live in zone 4 and my lamb’s ear is self sowing. It spreads itself by seed all over my garden. I have moved it to every garden I have had from Maine to Idaho. I either spread seed I have collected or just pulled (well, ripped) up and toss it back in the ground where I want it. It might look sad for a couple of weeks to a month, but perks back up and grows beautifully.

Lamb’s ear grows in full sun to full shade. It thrives in both common soil and loam. I have it growing in both wet and dry conditions. The only thing that I notice is when watered from above the leaves closest to the ground get icky.

One of my all time favorite garden plants.

Posted about 9 years ago

I have never tried to grow Lamb’s Ear from seed or cuttings. I have always dug some out of my best friend’s garden and just transplanted it into my yard. It has always taken off and gone wild on its own. It definitely doesn’t like being too wet, so try and water from the ground. For whatever reason, it only likes rainwater on its leaves.

Posted about 9 years ago


Folia Helper


Mine reseeds like crazy almost to the point of being a weed, so I’m sure that you could sow directly easily. They’re pretty easy to identify because even the little ones are ‘fury’.

But if you’d rather, you should be fine seeding inside too because they don’t seem to mind root distrubances a bit. I regulary hack around mine to keep them in check and give the extras away. I’ve never heard of anyone having any trouble with them.

Not sure about dirt? Good luck!

Posted about 9 years ago

Thanks Everyone!
I think I’ll try them indoors and transplant out. More so because this house has a very busy perennial bed and being our first year here, I’m having enough trouble identifying what’s established, without trying to nurture along tiny seedlings.

I’ll let you know how it goes. :)

Posted about 9 years ago

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