Seed Swaps

seeds wanted please!

Hi guys!

I would like some nasturtium seeds please. Or even seedlings if possible!

I only have a few things to swap at the moment

cherry Belle radish

english lavender

snow pea

sugar snap pea


Posted over 2 years ago

Hello MissLissie,

I only have a few quite old nasturtium seeds and don’t know that they are still all that viable but I am happy to post them to you if you would like to try your luck with them. I need to get some fresh seed myself. As they are old and may not germinate I don’t require a swap for them. Just message me with your address and I’ll drop them in the mail if you would like them.

Are you aware of the regional Australian Seed Swappers Group? I thought that, being fairly new to Folia, you may not have found this group as yet. It makes it a little easier for us due to our quarantine restrictions on imports.

Posted over 2 years ago

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