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Seeds for swap - vegetable, herbs and some flowers

I have a large amount of various seeds available for swap. I have prepared a list for anyone to view, the link is below.

The seeds are mostly vegetable. I have a larger amount of some seeds than others. I have three packs of dwarf french bean “Tendergreen”, as I overestimated the amount of seeds I would need (I had a very poor bean crop this year as well). I also have a lot of nigella, beetroot and rocket.

I have some organic seeds and Irish heritage varieties. I have decided not to put up any seeds I have saved myself this year, because it is my first year doing seed saving and I want to build up a stock of more of my own seeds. Hopefully I can share some of my own saved seeds with you all next year! For now though I only have shop bought seeds to swap.

In return for my seeds, I am interested in any unusual seeds you have to offer. I am interested in grains and other crops normally grown by “big” farmers, and exotic crops like tea. I would especially like any heritage vegetable and herb varieties from your country. I will also take an interest in seeds of vegetables and herbs either unavailable in shops or more expensive in shops.

Please comment below with offers, and I will reply as soon as I can. The link to the list is here:

Thanks, ShaneC, Ireland

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Hi Shane, I’m interested in swapping seeds. I have a large variety of seeds, which I haven’t gotten around to uploading yet, but send me a message and I’ll let you know what I have and what I’m interested in. Thanks! :)

Erin B.

Oh, and Erin go Bragh! _

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Thanks Erin, I’ll get in touch :)

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Hello Shane

I have bell pepper (capsicum) and cherry tomatoes seeds from supermarkets bought fruits. I see you have peanut in your wish list which I have growing (as a companion plant to my sapodilla tree). I haven’t harvest the peanut yet. Once they are harvested, only then I swap seeds with you?


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Hi Waileng,

Thanks for the offer. However, your climate seems to be very tropical, so the peanuts might possibly be unsuited to Irish weather :D Let me know anyway when they are harvested.


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I’m interested in several of your seeds. I’m almost done loading my trade list onto folia, but as I’m new, I don’t know how you get to it, so if you just message me I can put it in a message for you if you’d like.

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Hi, no problem, I’ll send you a message so, I’ll be interested to see your trade list.


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I have wild chilli called Siling Labuyo or bird’s eye chilli. It has smaller berries and have pungent odor. If you want to try the tropical berry called liputi but seeds are not available only small seedlings. This tropical tree bears dark purple berries with sweet and sour taste and are excellent for jams and wine flavoring.White wine with liputi dried pulp will become 3x stronger but with milder taste of alcohol. Liputi I think can tolerate winter weather if placed protected inside the green in my country,liputi can thrive in more than 3,500 ft. Altitude with more bluish can tolerate 10C temperature but not sure if it can keep its foliage in perfect condition in freezing temperatures.but what induces flowering of this plant is cool breeze of December.

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